Which Emotions Are Yours? 8 Ways Empaths Can Balance Emotions

Empaths Balance Emotions

Being an empath is a boon as well as a bane at times. Being an empath means you will need to balance and manage your feelings by soaking up other people’s emotions, which then makes you feel confused regarding which emotions are yours and which ones aren’t.

Empathy is basically an ability to understand, feel, and experience someone else’s emotions as your own. You basically put yourself in someone else’s shoes and try to feel what they feel to understand and support them better.

All empaths are intuitive but most empaths turn out to be untrained when it comes to using their intuition in the right way. As a result of which, it becomes difficult for them to know their boundaries and make their psychic powers work for them effectively. If you keep on absorbing others’ emotions, you will end up feeling psychologically and emotionally drained.

That’s why it’s vital that you learn how to demarcate between your emotions, and someone else’s.

Here Are 8 Ways You Can Understand Which Emotions Are Yours And Which Ones Aren’t

1. Be your most conscious self.

Empaths know how to naturally tune into people, but the best way to do it is in a conscious manner. When you find yourself absorbing other people’s emotions, try to recognize how you are doing it, accept it, and then do it.

Next, you need to name how and what you are experiencing inside yourself, and make sure that you don’t doubt it. This is a crucial part of understanding and learning where your boundaries lie. Name what you are experiencing, and don’t second-guess it. This is a part of learning where your boundaries are.

Life coach, Marcia Collins says that one of the best techniques to be conscious about this is naming every emotion you feel out loud the moment you start picking them up. According to her, emotion is simply energy in motion, and that’s exactly how she chooses to feel it. She understands emotion as simply being “energy in motion,” and chooses to experience it as such.

2. Know your own authentic feelings.

One of the best ways to differentiate between your feelings and someone else’s is by knowing for sure how and what you are feeling. You need to frequently dive into yourself and ask how you are feeling.

Meditation and journaling can also help you know about your true feelings. These things will also help you nourish your energy field and get a better sense of yourself. The moment you understand your authentic self, you will be able to handle your and others’ emotions better.

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3. Learn to ground yourself.

Grounding is one of the best ways to know your emotions and get a better handle on them. If you want to ground yourself, you can learn energy skills so you can be more present in your body and in your own experience.

Another thing you can do is to try and breathe in places in your body where you feel anxious, tense, or scared. This will help you ground yourself further and know what your true feelings are. Spending some much-needed time in nature can also help you get in touch with yourself, as being outside in fresh air will help you clear your mind. Being amidst animals and plants will always work well for you emotionally.

4. Set and strengthen your boundaries.

Setting strong boundaries will help you realize which emotions are yours and which ones aren’t, on an interpersonal and energetic level. Learn to say no when your emotions get too overwhelming, respect your own feelings and needs, and most importantly learn energy protecting techniques.

Learn to accept that other people can survive without your help at times, and you don’t need to take responsibility for everyone’s feelings and emotions. You don’t have to rescue them always, they are perfectly capable of saving themselves from the deep, dark depths of their well of tough emotions.

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