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10 Reminders When You Feel You’re Never Going To Be Enough

Reminders Feel Youre Never Going To Enough

Ever feel like you’re not good enough? It’s common to feel this way. But powerful and simple reminders are here to make us believe that we deserve so much more. When you’re feeling like you’re not good enough read these daily reminders to boost your confidence.

Just a little reminder to those who feel like they’re not good enough or they’re never going to be enough: Honey, you already are.

When You're Feeling Like You’re Not Good Enough
When You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough

10 Reminders When You’re Feeling Like You’re Not Good Enough

1. Your Scars Are Your Testimony

Your scars, whether physical or emotional, are your testimony that you have lived. They are evidence of how strong you have been and how hard you have fought your way through life. Those scars are enough to prove that you matter. So, remember your scars whenever you feel you’re never going to be enough.

2. No One Will Ever Be Like You

People can belittle you and make you feel unworthy and useless, but they can never be like you. They can’t replace the footprint you left in the sand because it will never be the same.

They can try to dim your light a little, but they can never put it out. You are meant to be here because of the unique qualities you have. And if being enough means being different from everyone else, then you already are.

feeling like you're not good enough
10 Reminders When You Feel Unworthy

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3. You Can Always Try Again

Failures are just minor setbacks. They are reminders to help you refocus and reevaluate your life. They are like speed bumps to wake you up or slow you down a little, to warn you that you are going a little faster than life intends for you to go.

Despite those failures, remember that you can always try again.

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4. You Are Enough For The Important People

You are always enough for the people who truly see your worth. No matter what you’ve been through or what you’ll go through in the future, those people will always see you as a gem.

They will treasure you and make you feel loved when you feel like you are not enough.

5. You Are Capable

Remember, you didn’t go through all that shit for nothing. You are capable of surviving; you are capable of making things happen.

There are times when you will forget how strong you really are until that’s the only choice you have. That’s okay, just make sure that you remember you are capable whenever you feel you are never going to be enough..

6. Everything Takes Time

The best things always happen at the right time. You can’t force yourself to heal when the wounds are still fresh. Everything takes time. Healing takes time. Success takes time.

Just because God is making you wait doesn’t mean you’re not enough. He’s just preparing you for greater things.

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7. Negative “What Ifs” Will Only Bring You Down

Turn your what ifs into something positive.

“What if it makes you happy?”
“What if you become successful?”
“What if you make it this time?”
“What if you did the right thing?”
“What if it’s all worth it in the end?”

8. Work Hard On Yourself First

Before worrying about things you can’t control, work hard on yourself first. You feel like you’re never going to be enough because you don’t love yourself enough.

The only way to diminish your doubts about yourself is to love that human being in the mirror and accept that that person makes mistakes.

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9. Losing People/Things is Actually A Gain

Oftentimes, we feel like we’re never going to be enough after we lose something that we think is valuable to us. But losing something is actually a gain. Imagine having more space for people or things that are permanent.

Imagine giving them all the attention and love we gave to the temporary ones. Imagine how happy we will be when that time comes.

10. You Are Still Here

Above all, remember that you are still here. Despite every storm that has passed, you are still on your feet.

You’re still breathing.

You’re still fighting.

Isn’t that reason enough to prove how worthy you are?

You’re worthy of all the love and affection. We hope these simple reminders touched your heart!

Written by: Krizzia Paolyn
Originally appeared on: Thought Catalog
Republished with permission
Reminders Feel Youre Never Going Enough pin
Reminders Feel Youre Never Going To Enough pin

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