Remember no one is perfect

But also

Never stop trying to be better

‘Coz everyone progresses

at their own pace

Be patient

7 Dream Signs That Indicate You’re Remembering Your Past Life

7 Dream Signs Remembering Your Past Life

Dreams are said to be a series of thoughts and sensations that occur to you while you’re asleep. Your body is at absolute rest when you are asleep, and you dream of things that can be entertaining, romantic, scary, bizarre and sometimes even illogical. They are in one way or the other related to our subconscious mind.

There are many reasons behind the occurrence of different kinds of dreams and categories they are classified into.

Mostly dreams are of two kinds, one that you remember and the ones that you can’t. The dreams that you can remember are the ones who have managed to have a deep impact on your mind and sometimes they can mean something too.

Psychologists over a period of time, after thousands of researches, have found that there are particular dream signs that indicate you are remembering your past life and as bizarre as it sounds, you should really have a look at the 7 signs that could be indicating the same.

Some moments in life are captured by our memory like photographs. They are the same images from the past life that occur in dreams and guide you through the way.

The dreams of your past life act like pillars that guide you in your future life so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes all over again.

To find out what these signs that indicate you’re remembering your past life are, continue reading!

Here are 7 Dream Signs That Indicate You’re Remembering Your Past Life:


1. People and places that don’t necessarily exist

People and places play the most important part of our day to day life. Sometimes we do forget one of the other, but just by placing two of them beside each other things start to make sense and form a picture. When we see people who belong to our present life, in our dreams, we know who they are, but somehow it’s the opposite of what we understand in our past life.


2. You behave and appear differently in your dreams

We all have experienced a certain dream when we were absolutely unable to recognize our own selves. This is an indication of your past life. Your face remains the same but other than that everything else is different. Your behavior, surrounding and even your name is different.


3. You have the same pattern of dreams with no major changes in them

Your future is always changeable as it depends upon your present actions. This is the reason why dreams that speak of your future are forever changing. This isn’t the case with the dreams of your past. Everything happens to remain the same no matter how many times you see it. This happens because the events have already happened and you cannot change them anymore.


4. Your Current Injuries and accidents are also Present in your dreams

Things that matter to you now will always find their roots in the past. This is just one of the weird things that our mind does. If you are facing a serious injury in your present life and it has been hurting you awfully, then you are going to find it exactly on the same spot in the dreams related to your past.


5. Constant feeling of being incomplete or missing something in your dreams

Dreams directly or indirectly portray our deep-rooted desires. If you deeply desire something in your present life then you will find it missing even in your past life. It is this constant feeling of missing something.


6. Deja vu

Almost all of us have experienced this at least once in our lives. It is like reliving a moment. You just know what is going to happen or what someone is going to say next.


7. Feeling older than your actual age

It is said that souls live forever; it’s the bodies that die. But some people feel a little more. They feel like their soul is a million-year-old. Their soul is ripened, dusted and tired over time. Their approach to things is very different from most people of their own age. This is an indication that your soul has reincarnated.

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Whenever You Think You are Not Good Enough, Please Remember This

To all the people out there who frequently think they are not good enough, I want you to know that someone have forgotten those words since you came into their lives.

Whenever you are feeling low, I want you to know that you have no right to feel so. There are countless of reasons why you are here in this world. You have a purpose. You have the power and the strength. You wouldn’t be here if you are not good enough. Those weaklings have fallen a long time ago. You are not one of them. You are different.

Whenever you feel that the odds are against you, I want you to know that they have come to you because they got attracted to the walls of strength that glimmer around you. You may not have yet realized how strong are you until this time. But I want you to look back. Look back a bit. See the roads behind you where your fallen enemies lie. You have gotten this far. You have won battles. Why would you let your self-doubt conquer you after all these years? They are not even worth shrugging your shoulders.

Whenever things start to get tough, I want you to know that your life is just getting spiced up. Challenges mean that you have passed a level and you’re ready to take a step higher. Keep on rising. I’m sure, no matter who you are or where you are, someone got your back. Yes, there’s a guardian angel for everyone.

While I am confident that you can do it on your own, I still want you to know that you are not alone. Keep on pushing yourself past the limit of what you think you can do. I want you to know that someone believes in you more than you could ever think of. Someone sees you as someone who can conquer the world. If they believe in you, why the hell can’t you?

Yes, there will be bumps ahead. But those would only make the end goal sweeter.  Your family, your loved one, your real friends will be there, supporting you all the way. And they will be with you until you get there. So don’t give up on yourself. Let the love of the people around you serve as your armor whenever you feel that the dark is swallowing you. Let your faith burn so hard you wouldn’t even feel afraid even for a second.

To everyone out there who thinks they are not good enough, keep in mind that the standards of others do not define who you are. Whatever they think about you does not define your worth. You are the best. Keep on telling it to yourself.

Let the lonely nights, criticism, lies, betrayals, heartbreaks and failures hone you. Let love, faith and hope make you unbreakable. Remember, this world doesn’t need you to be perfect. You are only here once. Don’t let your self-doubt dictate you how to live.


Seen it all

Seen it all
seen it all ! 
You stood still there all while 
when people thought you’re immobile 
Tall, proud yet gentle to others 
when they need ya ,you give covers
still remember the fragrance of the 
little girl in the pink frills 
still remember the day when
witnessed the fight between two lovers 
You have seen it all
witnessed but said nothing at all 
You stood still there all while 
when people thought you’re immobile 
little did they know , 
how you moved people
you help ’em with their woe
people worship you like a holy steeple 
And yes you have seen me growing 
coming up to you smiling , crying 
you became my best friend,secret keeper
trustworthy to keep away any peeper 
Now that we’re apart 
i dedicate this ode to you 
doesn’t matter if you can’t 
fly or run with me somehow 
you’ll still be there in my heart 
as my favourite secret keeper . 


Remember when you said you loved me,
and I was always on your mind,
now you say you never think of me,
and want to leave our love behind…


Remember our love was like a game,
day by day we would play,
but how you treat now is a shame,
and I can’t take it another day…


So now it’s over we’re all through,
we each have to go our own way,
and I know I’ll get over you,
and live to love another day.


– Terry D. Pickron

You can follow him for more of his works on his Facebook Page here

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