When They Don’t Love You Back, This Is What You Need To Know

When They Don't Love You Back, This Is What You Need To Know

When They Don’t Love You Back, This Is What You Need To Know

You deserve to be with someone who caresses your heart and preserves your soul and if they don’t love you back then this is what you need to know.

“Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.”
― J.M. Barrie, The Little Minister.

You love that person so deeply but they don’t love you back. You feel you can do anything for that person but they don’t care.

It hurts when our love is not reciprocated. Unrequited love makes us dwell in immense pain and agony provoking us to question our own identities.

We often suffer from the lack of self-confidence and might even lose faith in love. Almost all of us have gone through such a phase in our lives.

When They Don't Love You Back, This Is What You Need To Know

If you are going through one, or if you have gone through one but couldn’t overcome, you need to understand certain truths about this.

(1) If a person doesn’t like you, it doesn’t mean that you are not desirable:

We all have our individual preferences when it comes to liking someone. A person you like might not like you back because of their choices.

It’s not because of who you are and it has nothing to do with others liking you. It doesn’t imply others will feel the same. A person not liking you is not an element which will define you as a person.

(2) A person might not like you and it has nothing to do with you:

A person might not like you for a lot of reasons. We have our own wavelengths. There’s a chemistry which needs to work between two individuals.

If one of the individuals do not feel that chemistry, then that doesn’t make the other person bad. Think about the number of people who loved you and you rejected them.

Were all of them bad people? Possibly, no. You just didn’t feel that connection with them and it has nothing to do with them directly. The same is the case for you here.

(3) There are hundreds and thousands of nice people out there who would be desperate to be with you:

The world is full of people. If one person doesn’t love you back, there will be a hundred others who would want to be with you. Increase your horizon.

Don’t let that one person pull you back. Go out on dates. Who knows how many men are cherishing this unrequited love for you!

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(4) You are not the only one going through this; everyone even the person you love has their share of stories:

You are not the only person in this world whose love interest didn’t reciprocate. All of us, including your love interest, have met people they loved immensely but didn’t get loved back.

Don’t feel bad about this. There are people who love you just the way you are. Concentrate on them instead of running behind a mirage.

When They Don't Love You Back, This Is What You Need To Know

(5) You need to let go of the love which is wrong in order to let the right kind of love find you:

We have this tendency to hold on to our love-interests just for the simple reason we love them and we have done or we can do so much for them.

But you need to realize that this kind of love is wrong because you are not reciprocated. It’s one-sided and you are wasting your time, emotions and resources behind achieving something which can never be yours.

Stop pinning after this unrequited love. Learn to accept this and move on. You will find someone who loves you back with equal or greater passion.

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(6) You are probably loving the idea of being in love rather than loving the person in reality:

Falling in love is itself a beautiful thing. Those butterflies in our tummy, those random texts, the thrill of getting a glance of your love-interest and so many cute, mushy things add sparkles to our lives.

Who doesn’t love to love? Even if your love is one-sided, you are happy with the idea that you have someone to love. You enjoy the day-dreams and all the sparkles.

But if you look into yourself carefully, you will see that it’s not the actual person you are in love with but rather you enjoy the state of being in love. It’s time you wake up, shrug off this unrequited love and find someone who will love you back. Then, you will fulfill your dreams in reality. It will add meaning to your life.

When They Don't Love You Back, This Is What You Need To Know
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