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16 Strong Signs That Show There’s Perfect Chemistry Between Two People

16 Strong Signs That Show There's Perfect Chemistry Between Two People


“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” ― C.G. Jung.

When just being with this person in the same room gives you the feels.. when their presence is reason enough to make you high.

We call it ‘a perfect Chemistry’ when two people feel attracted to each other, with no such reason at all. When they experience changes in hormones and their neurotransmitters are triggered, just by the mere presence of the other.

What message does your body want to say to you? It’s too soon to be love, but yes its the first step to compatibility. Signs and signals of a love story, waiting to happen.


We may not be scientists, but lucky for you, we are quite the experts in chemistry – we can help you decipher if all the signs are indeed real or just imagined! 

To begin with one must know chemistry is only the first step towards compatibility. It means that both people have manifested their interest in the other in an understandable way.

These are strong signs that show there’s a strong chemistry between two people. It can be anything from certain feelings when together to shared traits between two people. If you two can feel this together and can relate to most of the traits below, you can be sure you do have a Strong Chemistry Brewing 

(1)The Magical Touch

A feel a rush, whenever that someone touches you, even in the harmless of spots. And your body starts craving for more and more of it.


(2)The Feeling Of Forever

The feeling of forever when your eyes lock, you two could stare at each other for as long as forever without even feeling weird or conscious. 

(3)Shared Privacy in a Crowd

When even in a crowded room, you feel a level of privacy between you two. When you can do an entire conversations, with a wink, constant texts, when your eyes constantly fall on each other during conversations. 


(4)Obvious Behaviors :It shows in your actions

Whether its official or not. Whether you haven’t even started dating, when you two are together, the way you behave and are comfortable with each other, people around assume that you two are a couple.


(5)  They share common interests:

Opposites attract. This is the first step of bonding but the main base of bonding happens when two people have common interests they can talk about or do together. This also establishes that they will enjoy each other’s company always like reading their favourite book together or doing a sport together.




(6)  They respect each other:

Respect goes hand in hand with love. If the two individuals have respect for one another, then it signifies the development of a strong bond.




(7)  They understand sarcasm:

Sarcasm keeps the spark in the relationship glowing. No matter how different one is, if they two people can understand and enjoy the sarcasm, they can very well get along with each other without misunderstanding.


(8)  They know the little details of one another:

Knowing little details of each other, like her favourite nail paint or his favourite cereal indicates that the two people are developing a good chemistry. These things are often missed out by others and only the loved one can actually notice them.


(9) They know what makes the other one laugh:

Staying happy in the relationship is the most important thing everyone wants. If two people know what makes the other person laugh, that means they have paid close attention and can bring smile on their face even on days of gloom. Only loved ones can do this.


(10) They understand each other’s silence:

Keating expressed this one right: ‘ You say it best when you say nothing at all.’ When silence also becomes a mode of communication between two people, it’s a positive sign that they are developing a good chemistry.


(11)  There is equal contribution:

Equal contribution signifies both the people are reciprocating one another in terms of time, energy and other resources and there’s no space to doubt their intentions.


(12) They are mirror images of one another:

When two people start bonding, they adopt each other’s mannerisms because they wish to connect to the other person and want to get appreciated by them. This slowly makes them become mirror images one another reflecting that a strong chemistry is developing.


(13)  They are truthful:

When two people are genuinely bonded, there’s nothing for them to hide or lie to one another.


(14)  They always make time for one another:

When two people actually want to be together, they make time for each other and meet up regularly. This shows their genuine interest of being with one another.


(15)  Time flies quickly:

When two people start developing a strong chemistry, they feel that time is passing by speedily because they become so engrossed in each other’s company.


(16)  They start having physical contact:

From holding hands to kissing, when two people slowly become close, they become comfortable with their physical contact and get involved both emotionally and physically.

If all these signs are there, it indicates a chemistry is sparkling!

16 Strong Signs That Show There's Perfect Chemistry Between Two People


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