What Your Pinky Finger Says About Your Personality


What Your Pinky Finger Says About Your Personality

This is probably the last thing you might have guessed, but the length of your pinky finger can say a lot about you and your personality. Just like the palm lines on your hand can reveal a lot about your life and character, your pinky finger can also do the same. So, interested to know what your pinky finger says about you?

The length of your pinky finger can reveal so much about you, for example, your relationships, who you are as a person, your habits, etc. In order to know what your pinky finger says about your personality, you need to place your fingers together and observe the length of your pinky finger compared to the length of your ring finger beside it.

The results are decided on the basis of how short or long your pinky finger is, compared to the joint of your ring finger.

So, what does your little finger say about you? Let’s find that out, shall we?

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What Your Pinky Finger Says About You

1. Long pinky finger

Pinky Finger Says About Personality Long pinky finger
What your pinky finger says about you

If you have a longer pinky finger compared to your ring finger joint, then you’re a passionate, and enthusiastic person with a go-getter attitude. Even though you don’t particularly chase the limelight, more often than not, you find yourself to be the center of attention, wherever you go.

You are an extroverted person who is extremely vivacious and gets along with anyone and everyone. People love hanging out with you and always look forward to seeing you. You are the life of the party but sometimes you have to work harder to prove your mettle and earn people’s trust.

2. Short pinky finger

Pinky Finger Says About Personality Short pinky finger
What your pinky finger says about you

People with a shorter pinky finger tend to be more introverted and reserved around people, especially strangers. You are someone who has a lot of potential and talent within you, but because of your timid and shy nature, you find it difficult to break out of your comfort zone.

However, don’t let that bog you down because you are a phenomenal person with a big, kind heart who always wants to do good for the world. You always try to do the right thing, no matter what. Everyone admires your compassion, kindness, and values.

Additionally, have you ever thought about what does your little finger say about your love life? People with short pinky fingers tend to be very loyal toward their partners and because of their emotional nature, they never leave any stone unturned to make their partner feel happy and secure in the relationship.

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3. Even pinky finger

Pinky Finger Says About Personality Even pinky finger
What your pinky finger says about you

If the top of your pinky finger is of the same height as your ring finger joint, then your pinky finger length is even. Having an even pinky finger means you have a solid head on your shoulders and you have a very balanced and mature personality. You are practical, rational, and know how to solve problems in the perfect manner.

Stress doesn’t seem to bother you much, since you are a very calm, collected person. No matter how much someone might try to ruffle your feathers and poke you, you never lose your cool. Your cool attitude sometimes makes others consider you cold, detached, and dispassionate, but it’s not always the case. You just don’t like getting into conflicts frequently and prefer to pick and choose your battles.

It takes a long time for you to open up your heart and soul, but once you trust someone and do it, they are able to see your warm and emotional side.

4. Matching pinky finger

Pinky Finger Says About Personality Matching pinky finger
What your pinky finger says about you

Having your pinky finger and your ring finger of the same length is quite uncommon, but not unheard of. If you fall into this category, then you are someone with a very power-hungry mindset and megalomaniac tendencies. You thirst for power and will stop at nothing to get it. The feeling of being powerful is the best feeling for you.

You dream of being in powerful positions such as being a CEO or a politician or even a celebrity, who has the power and resources to change the world as we know it. Power, fame, wealth, and influence – are the things that drive you and mean the most to you in life.

So, what your fingers say about your health? Because of this sort of mindset, you tend to suffer from a lot of anxiety and stress; you work extremely hard and take on a lot of responsibilities in order to try and fulfill all your aspirations.

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5. Curved pinky finger

Pinky Finger Says About Personality Curved pinky finger
What your pinky finger says about you

If you notice your pinky finger curving away from your ring finger, then you have a crooked or curved pinky finger. Having a curved pinky finger means you are someone who absolutely despises confrontations and conflicts and tries their best to stay away from them.

You are more of a peacemaker who is pretty good at defusing complicated and tense situations. You know exactly how to cool people down and what to say to make the situation better. You have the ability to foster peace and bring disconnected people together in harmony.

6. Pointed pinky finger

Pinky Finger Says About Personality Pointed pinky finger
What your pinky finger says about you

If your pinky finger tends to point towards the sky, then you are someone who is extremely eloquent. You are an amazing public speaker who knows how to work a crowd and draw everyone in with your powerful and charming words.

You are also a very diplomatic person who knows how to get things done without letting them go off track. Dealing with everything with tact and intelligence is what you do best, and you never let anything go off-kilter.

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What kind of pinky finger do you have? And what the length of your pinky finger reveals about your character? Let us know what your pinky finger says about you in the comments down below!

What Your Pinky Finger Says About Your Personality pin
What your pinky finger says about you

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