What Makes Men Attracted To You? FUN QUIZ


What Makes Men Attracted To You

Wondering what makes a man attracted to you on a date? A man can be attracted to a wide range of things from your smile, sense of humor, beauty or confidence. This fun quiz is exactly what you need if you really want to know the answer.

Here are 5 things men are attracted to:

1. Sense of Style

While your sense of fashion is not an important aspect of a relationship, however, if you want to attract a man or you both have just started dating, having a sense of style is essential. A well-dressed woman can captivate a man’s attention.

2. Sense of humor

A person who lacks a good sense of humor is uninteresting and boring to date. We all enjoy being with someone who is entertaining and can make you laugh. Many guys find it highly attractive when a lady can crack jokes and make a crowd laugh.

3. Career-oriented

While men may not admit it, successful women are incredibly sexy to them. Women with careers appear attractive for a variety of reasons, ranging from financial stability to career aspirations. It gives them comfort to know that their ladies are not relying on them.

4. Confidence

A confident woman is self-sufficient and capable of dealing with any situation in her life. While dating in the long run, a man may even rely on his companion and feel secure. Hence, nothing attracts a man more than a woman with a strong sense of self-worth.

5. Appearance

The first thing that a guy notices about a girl is how she looks. However, that is not the only aspect that draws men’s attention. Relationships are not solely dependent on physical appearances, thus, other factors such as personality or sense of humor play a significant role in attracting men.

Take this fun quiz!

This is a simple test that will enable you to find answers about why men are attracted to you in just a few minutes. So what are you waiting for?

Click Let’s Start!

So did you find out what makes men attracted to you? Share your results with your friends.

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