Platonic Soulmate: 10 Signs You’ve Finally Found Yours

Platonic Soulmate Signs Found Yours

What is a platonic soulmate? They say a soulmate is your one and only true love, destined to meet you on this earthly plane. But is this true?

The only kernel of truth in this age-old concept is the fact that soulmates share a deep spiritual bonding and that they are destined to cross paths. However, as far as having only one soulmate is concerned, nothing could be further from the truth.

Our soulmates or soul connections are members of our soul family. We have known them in our previous incarnations, and we keep meeting them in different forms in every life.

Anyone with whom you have shared a deep loving connection in any relationship, romantic or otherwise, can be your soulmate. Therefore, you have multiple soulmate relationships.

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What Is A Platonic Soulmate?

What Is A Platonic Soulmate?

Can soulmates be platonic? Yes! Love comes in many forms, including familial, parental, friendships, and more. As we have several loving soul connections, it is natural that many of them would be platonic relationships or platonic friendships.

So, what does the platonic soulmate meaning stand for?

What Is a Platonic Relationship?

A true platonic soulmate relationship is characterized by a profound love and understanding shared between two people, but without any carnal or romantic attachment involved.

For instance, your mother from your past life can be one of your soulmates in this incarnation, whom you have found as a teacher; someone who helped you put your life on track and make something out of yourself.

Can platonic soulmates fall in love? Sure, but in a non-romantic way. A friendly reminder, platonic love is no less important than a romantic one.

Your platonic soulmate can be a friend who loves you unconditionally.

10 Clear Signs You’ve Found Your Platonic Soulmate

Here’re the signs of a platonic soulmate:

1. Instant Recognition

One of the earliest signs is the mutual feeling of instant recognition when you meet each other for the first time. At a soul level, you will know that you two have met before this lifetime and agreed to find each other again.

There will be a deep platonic attraction that will tug at your heartstrings, and you will realize that something was missing in your life, and this person is that missing piece of the puzzle.

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2. The Rare Chemistry

What does platonic attraction feel like? Well, for starters, you will never have to explain yourself to them. They will read you like the back of their hand, and understand your feelings.

You will be able to read each other’s minds and complete each other’s sentences. You will get each other like a house on fire, and this non-romantic chemistry will not fade out, rather it will intensify more and more with each passing day.

3. Time And Space Become Insignificant

You can go days, months, or even years without any communication, but still, you will be able to pick up where you left off when you get back together.

And even during the separation time, the absence will only make your heart grow fonder of each other. No matter where you are or how busy you are, you will be on each other’s minds and miss one another dearly.

Your platonic soulmate can be a friend who loves you unconditionally.

4. The Easy Bonding

The bonding that you share will be effortless and natural. You will never have to pretend to be someone else in their company, and there will be no awkward silence ever!

You will never run out of things to talk about, and at the same time, you will be perfectly fine chilling with one another without speaking a word.

5. Unwavering Support

They are not your fair-weather friends and will always have your back. You were destined to offer each other unwavering support and encouragement so that you can trudge along your individual earthly journey.

A platonic soulmate friendship is uplifting, nurturing, and fulfilling. These soul connections are devoid of conflicts or jealousy.

They will make you believe in yourself, heal any self-doubts, cope with challenges, and help you to become a better person.

What Is A Platonic Soulmate?

6. It’s Substantial And Profound

They will teach you the importance of platonic love. The love you two share is deep and profound that transcends beyond day-to-day life. Their companionship and care have a soothing effect on your mind and soul.

They make you feel more grounded and calm. If you had any trouble with emotion dysregulation or stress management, they will effectively heal those issues and make you a more stable and well-rounded person.

Your platonic soulmate is like your family.

7. There Is So Much To Learn

One of the reasons why soulmates meet each other again and again is to resolve the unfinished business of their past lives. They have so much to teach each other that they find one lifetime to be never enough.

They want to be in each other’s lives and help one another grow in every way, materially, spiritually, and emotionally.

This equally rings true for platonic soul connections. These soul connections are enriching, and a platonic soulmate will leave you better than they found you.

8. They Showed Up When You Needed Them

Finding your platonic soulmate is a matter of divine timing, but they will show up at a time when you need them the most. As we covered earlier, our platonic soulmates are the harbingers of our personal growth and development, and that is why the time of their arrival is never arbitrary.

At a rather predefined moment, they will come into your life to impart some time-critical valuable lesson. Even if you didn’t realize this when you met, your “chance meeting” happened exactly at the right time.

Your platonic soulmate is like your family.

9. Unconditional Acceptance

Due to the profound understanding and undeniable chemistry shared between you two, your relationship never comes with the baggage of judgment and criticism. Your platonic soulmate will accept you as you are and you can be yourself when you are around them.

They might motivate you to take responsibility for your actions or own up to your mistakes, but they will do it ever so gently so that you will never feel diminished or belittled.

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10. You Fill Each Other’s Lives

They are the ones who will give more than take. Platonic soulmates will always fill each other’s lives with loving, supportive, and positive energies.

Such soul connections will never feel draining or exhausting. Your platonic soulmates are there in your life only to add to your abundance, never to take anything from you.

Some More Platonic Soulmate Signs:

If you are still wondering what is a platonic soulmate, here’re some more signs someone is your platonic soulmate.

  • You have your own language and private jokes that others don’t understand.
  • You don’t try to change each other in any way.
  • You can speak your mind freely in front of them.
  • You find one another’s weird habits to be endearing.
A platonic soulmate will let you be yourself.

Platonic Soulmates Are Real

Just like kindred spirits, non-romantic platonic soul connections are real. When you meet yours, you will believe that something much more powerful than mankind was at play when you bumped into each other.

Regardless of how long your platonic soulmate has been or stays in your life, they etch a forever influence, and your life never remains the same. Finding them is an out-of-this-world kind of experience.

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The fact that you resonate so strongly with someone without any lustful or romantic desires, is one of the main signs you have met your platonic soulmate.

What is a platonic soulmate? A platonic soulmate is one of your divine companions, meant to enrich your life with their energy.

So, that was all about the burning topic of platonic soulmates with platonic soulmate examples. Have anything more to add? Feel free to leave us a comment down below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have more than one platonic soulmate?

Yes, you can have several platonic soulmates.

What are the 4 types of soulmates?

There are many schools of thought regarding the types of soulmates. Broadly speaking, the 4 types of soulmates are platonic, romantic, karmic, and twin flame.

What is a karmic soulmate?

Your Karmic soulmate is one with whom you have unresolved karma from your past live(s). You agree to meet again and keep meeting until you finally settle the karmic accounts.

Is platonic love real love?

Yes, if you consider the love between two friends or between a parent and a child to be real, then platonic love is real, but it’s not romantic.

What is the difference between a romantic vs platonic soulmate?

The one with whom you’ve shared a romantic relationship in one or multiple past lives is your romantic soulmate. A platonic soulmate is someone who was important to you but not romantically attached in any past incarnation.

How do you know if someone is your platonic soulmate?

You’ll feel an instant pull toward them and will share an unexplainable good rapport but without any physical or romantic desires.

Can you marry your platonic soulmate?

Yes, but such a marriage will likely be based on practicality and emotional connection rather than physical or romantic attraction.

How do I find my platonic soulmate?

It’s a matter of divine timing, but they will show up at a time when you need them the most. You can however call in or manifest them by setting the intention.

Can platonic soulmates date?

They can, but if they’re destined to be platonic soulmates, they will be better off as friends, not as romantic or physical partners.

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