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Top 11 Ways To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone And Get Unstuck

Ways Step Out of Comfort Zone

Are you stuck in your comfort zone?  If you’re feeling stuck and not where you want to be in life, you might be.

I get it.  Life gets busy.  As women, we are wives, moms, career women, caretakers and so much more.  We put others before ourselves and as time goes on, forget who we really are at our core.  It’s easy to get used to life being the same ol’ same ol’ all the time.

But is that the life you want?

Ist’s easy to start to accept what’s put in front of us, even if it isn’t exactly what we want.

comfort zone
Top 11 Ways To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone And Get Unstuck

Don’t get me wrong, your comfort zone can feel like a beautiful place…it feels easy and familiar, but nothing ever grows there.  If you’re finding your life lacking joy and purpose and want to create a life that feels full and exciting, you need to stretch yourself and start to peek outside your comfort zone.

It’s where the magic happens.


Staying inside your comfort zone is what is safe and easy.  If you’re afraid to leave it and take risks, you’ll never really learn who you truly are.  Taking risks will show you what you’re made of, and it will also build confidence and open doors to growth and positive change.

It’s impossible to grow and learn while you’re stuck inside your comfort zone.  It’s kind of like a well-worn path.  If you’re going to stick to that path, you’re going to see the same old stuff you’ve always seen before, and the same old stuff that everyone else sees.  Don’t follow the well-lit path – instead, grab a machete and blaze your own trail so you can see your own unique scenery.

If you stay in your comfort zone during difficult times, you’ll end up prolonging them.  Have you ever heard the saying “the only way through is to move through”? If you avoid your struggles, you won’t grow, and growing helps you move through your struggles.  You need to be brave enough to move through them so you can see what’s on the other side.

When your life becomes routine, you lose a part of yourself.  If you stay comfortable for too long, you can become bored, lazy and too content.  You stay stuck in the status quo and end up settling for less than you deserve.  

If following the crowd is too comfortable for you, you’re going to get lost in the shuffle.  

You’ll never really find true joy because you’re just going through the motions without feeling true passion for anything.  When you blaze your own trail, you end up finding opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise found.  You’ll become a leader.  You’ll find more meaning and purpose in your life.

When you stay in your comfort zone, it actually begins to shrink around you over time.  You’ll experience frustration, stagnation, and the feeling of being stuck.

 It’s disempowering because you relinquish your power to do anything to improve your situation. And you are actually capable of choosing what you want your life to look like.  You don’t have to settle.

Why Do We Get Stuck In The Comfort Zone?

Simply put, fear.

Fear of the unknown.  Fear of failing.  The fear of looking stupid or not knowing how to do something.  The fear of not having enough or being enough. And though it may seem odd, the fear of success.

Fear is a powerful emotion.  It can be valid, but usually not helpful unless you’re about to get attacked by a bear or run over by a car.  

When fear stops you from learning a new skill, applying for your dream job or meeting the love of your life, it’s counterproductive and is keeping you in your comfort zone.  Your comfort zone is NOT where the magic happens!

So How Can You Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

You don’t have to let life happen to you.  The hand you’re dealt doesn’t have to be “it”.  

Stretching yourself and being ok with a little discomfort is going to pay dividends when it comes to feeling more happiness, purpose and fulfillment in your life.

1. Replace the Fear of the Unknown with Curiosity

Uncertainty can be scary, for sure.  I get it.  But I invite you to ask yourself when the last time you were 100% certain that your plans in life were going to turn out how you thought.  

Nothing in life is guaranteed.  Nothing.  

So, I challenge you to look at your fear of the unknown and instead of fearing it, get curious about it.  What about the unknown are you afraid of?  Lack of control?  Are you fearing a worst-case, unlikely scenario?

Try to reframe how you think about the unknown. Would life be any better if you knew every second of every day how things were going to go?  That wouldn’t leave room for any adventure!  

How can you reframe your fear of the unknown?

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2. Make it a Habit To Try New Things Even if They’re Small

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking.  If you’re someone who feels uncomfortable in new situations or doing things that scare you a little bit, try doing little things that you feel resistance to.

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Kortney Rivard

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