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10 Major Ways to Build Trust in Any Relationship

Build Trust in Relationship

Relationships play a major part in our lives. People need people and trust is an important part in any relationship. The stronger the trust, the stronger the relationship. Here’s how to build trust in any relationship.

People struggle with trust issues to varying degrees and for different reasons. Sometimes something major happens in a relationship that breaks trust. Other times trauma has stolen someone’s innate feeling of safety causing major inherent trust issues.

trust issues in relationship
10 Major Ways to Build Trust in Any Relationship

No matter how you struggle to trust or be trusted there’s hope because trust can be built.

It takes time to build trust in any relationship but it can be built. The feeling of safeness can be achieved between people committed to each other. If we want strong relationships we need to be doing things that build trust.

Here are things you can do to build trust in any relationship.


Because we value a person we need to value, or care about, what’s important to them—even when that thing may or may not be important to us. This action will make them feel valued and that’s what builds the trust.

For example, your friend loves to play softball and you find it boring. Every year they join a league and invite you to come watch. Your response tells them how much you value them by how much you value what they love. Showing up and cheering them on, especially if they know you don’t like softball—shows them their value in your eyes.

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Little things mean a lot. We hear this but forget it. Paying attention to how we communicate by being kind, courteous, and showing respect is important. This can stand out in a simple thing such as our tone of voice.

When you remember major dates like anniversaries and birthdays it says you’re paying attention. But when you remember more obscure ones that are important to them, it matters even more.

For example, your friend lost their dad last year and Father’s Day is on the horizon. It’ll be their first one without their dad so you let them know you’re aware this is happening and offer your support in whatever way they need.

When the people we love stop paying attention, trust begins to slip away and hurt starts seeping in. —Brené Brown


Respecting someone’s time and keeping your word are two big ways that show honor. Another is following through on a commitment. It’s wise to be slow to make a promise. We honor the other person and ourselves when we take time to consider before making a decision or commitment. Broken promises and failure to follow through break trust in any relationship.

Other ways of honoring others are to show up when you’ve sent a yes RSVP, sending the RSVP in the first place, saying no when you need to, and accepting the other person’s no.

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When who you are doesn’t change with who you’re with it shows integrity. Acting like a friend to someone’s face but talking behind their back demonstrates duplicity. When you have integrity you honour the truth in your behaviour.

For example, keeping a trusted secret or defending someone who isn’t there to defend themselves.

One of the most important ways to manifest integrity is to be loyal to those who are not present. In doing so, we build the trust of those who are present. —Stephen Covey

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When communication is done properly it breeds understanding. This is done using active listening by both parties. Asking questions is also an important part to make sure you’re both on the same page. Clarify what you expect or what is expected of you.

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