Vegvisir: The Powerful Icelandic Sigil Magic To Find Your Way Out Of Troubles



Are you aware of the powerful sigil magic of vegvísir Icelandic compass? The following article teaches how to use Vegvisir to find your way through life!

Vegvisir (meaning signpost in Icelandic) is a sigil that was used in ancient times in Iceland and allowed the bearer to find their way through rough weather.

A page in the Huld Manuscript includes the image of the sigil and states that if this sign is carried, one will never lose his/her way in storms or bad weather even when the way is not known.

Vegvisir, a powerful Sigil of the Vikings

Vegvisir is a popular symbol in Iceland and even the famous Icelandic artist Bjork has been photographed with Vegvisir as a tattoo on her arm.

Vegvisir Sigil Magic
Vegvisir Sigil Magic: Bjork, The Famous Icelandic Artist With The Vegvisir Sigil Tattoo

How To Use Vegvisir?

So fellow witches, I am going to teach you a way to use this sigil as a magical compass that will allow you to find your way through “rough times”.

We all know that during turbulent times when we face family, emotional or health issues our judgment can be clouded and we feel lost in this world. This spell will allow you to store the light that will guide you through the darkness, this light that never goes out.

Of course, please understand that by the terms light and darkness, I speak of mental or emotional clarity and obscurity and my intention is not to reproduce the old claim that light is good and darkness is evil.

Please take my words with a pinch of salt and always seek professional help if you feel that you are stuck in a rut and nothing is moving forward.

Imagine that this sigil will help your judgment and will ask the assistance of the Gods to illuminate your way. In order to do that, you must first leave a great burden behind before you proceed with the spell, your fear.

Vegvisir Sigil Magic
Vegvisir Sigil Magic: Sigil Of Vegvisir

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Phase A


  • A copy of the Vegvisir (or if you feel artistic enough, please copy your own; there is magick in creating)
  • 8 white candles
  • A white quartz crystal
  • Salt

The first phase of this spell is charging your compass in the light of the moon. While the old physical compasses needed the Sun to point in the right direction, this compass will manifest its powers in the light of the Moon.

And as we all know, the time that the Moon is brightest is the Full Moon, therefore, phase A should be cast during the three days of the Full Moon (the day before the full moon, the day of the full moon, and the day after the full moon).

Vegvisir Sigil Magic
Vegvisir Sigil Magic

First, find the place; go near a window or cast the spell outdoors. If nothing is possible, then I will need you to visualize a bright Full Moon in your mental sky that casts its rays on the compass (this is helpful if there are clouds in the sky as well).

Place the Vegvisir sigil down, and put a candle in each direction that the arms of the Vegvisirare pointing to. Then, place the clear quartz crystal at the center of the Vegvisir and close the circle by drawing a circle with salt.

Now light the candles and visualize the Great Lady of the Nightsky glowing with all her glory and recite the following spell 9 times:

“Queen of the Nightsky, mother of all things, Creatress and Destroyer, surround us with your love, Lend us your light, bless my compass and my mind this night. Ancient Light, Queen of the night, Cast your light on me and vanish all shadows, (point to the compass) and make this your instrument of hope. The light that points to you, The light that penetrates all darkness, The light of my true goal. Queen of the Night, bless us with your light. Mother of this world, enlighten my night! Your light is my compass, your love is my map. So shall it be!”

Visualize the light of the moon touching your quartz crystal flowing down to the Vegvisir and illuminating it with her light. Be certain that this light pulses with the wisdom of all Creation.

Take a moment to ground yourself and leave an offering to the Moon Goddess (flowers or milk and honey are just perfect).

Now, on the third night, let the candles burn to the ground and return them to Mother Earth. Put the salt in a sachet and store the sachet, the quartz crystal, and the Vegvisir in a box for future use. 

All three ingredients are important, but always remember that the heart of your compass lies in the crystal. As a word of advice, open the box in the next Full Moon again to renew and recharge its energy.

Vegvisir Sigil Magic
Vegvisir Sigil Magic

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Phase B (finding your way through the shadows)


  • The charged quartz
  • Image of the Vegvisir
  • Salt

The witch feels challenged, the witch feels pain, and the witch feels lost! But, the witch is wise! Time to restore balance, time to see the light. 

There is no specific moon phase in which you can cast the spell. All you have to do is place Vegvisir down and put the quartz at its center. Close the circle with salt.

And proclaim:

“Queen of the night, I call upon thee, I seek your light! Put an end to my eternal night! My compass of hope, my instrument of true sight, point out the path that I should go, show me the way,  this is the time to shed your light.”

Visualize that light from your heart chakra and the Moon merges into the compass and the light radiates in all directions. Any symbols, words, or images that flood your mind are keys to your current situation. 

Repeat each night as needed. Let magick work its way and you will soon receive further guidance on how to proceed with your situation and put an end to your eternal night.

Remember, as the Smiths said: ‘There is a light that never goes out’ and may you all cherish your divine light because you are blessed. Cast the shadows away and illuminate them as the stars in the night sky.

Eternally yours,

The easy witch (in all possible ways 🙂 )

Vegvisir Sigil Magic
Vegvisir Sigil Magic
This Post On Vegvisir Sigil Magic Is by Magical Recipes Online

Now, as you know all about the sigil magic of Vegvisir, we hope it will always help you remain on the right path in your life. Try it out and see the magic for yourself!

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If you want to know more about Vegvisir Sigil Magic, then check this video out below:

Vegvisir Sigil Magic

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Vegvisir compass mean?

Vegvisir (meaning signpost in Icelandic) is a sigil that was used in ancient Iceland and was believed to help the bearer find their way through rough weather or bad time.

What is written around the Vegvisir?

As per the Huld Manuscript by Geir Vigfusson, written in 1860, the text around Vegvisir assures that if you carry this with you, you’ll not get lost in a storm or unfavorable circumstances.

What is the Norse compass?

The Vegvisir compass is also known as the Viking compass and Norse compass or Nordic compass.

How did the Vikings find their way?

They most probably used a Sun compass. Although Vegvisir or the Viking compass symbol is often seen in popular culture as Viking compass tattoos or jewelry, it’s not a real Viking symbol.

Sigil Magic Vegvisir, the Icelandic compass to find your way
What Is Sigil Magic? Viking Compass Vegvisir
Vegvisir Sigil Magic
How To Make A Sigil Magic?
Sigil Magic Vegvisir Icelandic compass find your way pin
Vegvisir Sigil Magic
Vegvisir pin
Vegvisir: The Powerful Icelandic Sigil Magic To Find Your Way Out Of Troubles
Vegvisir pinex
Vegvisir: The Powerful Icelandic Sigil Magic To Find Your Way Out Of Troubles

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    That is a wonderful sigil and I additionally learned that the German word “Wegweiser” is probably rooted in Vegvisir. I will try this spell as quickly as possible. I really hope it will work, since I’m just a baby witch.

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