7 Unusual, Early Signs A Man Is Into You

Early Signs A Man Is Into You

7. He keeps coming back for more.

This sign a man is into you is always underestimated and under-observed by women. Guys range from the obnoxious and douchey confident all the way to terminally shy.

When a guy likes a girl, there’s one thing we want to do and that’s to be around her, near her, or just within sight of her. The problem is that those douchebags and arrogant guys are typically the first ones to approach you, right?

These are the guys that have the balls to come over and do the “unthinkable” which is start a conversation with you.

That nice, quiet, shy guy over there in the corner. You see him, right?

He’s the one that’s nursing his beer for the whole evening trying to come up with just the right selection of words to win your heart. Of course, he wants to avoid rejection. That’s also the guy that usually chickens out and goes home early to binge on Netflix.

You have to understand that a man’s greatest contribution to your romance is simply to keep asking you out and keep coming back for more. He will call you if he’s really into you and he will also make an effort to see you regularly. It’s not just about having a date on Saturday night. When a man is into you, he wants to spend time with you regardless of what you do together.

If a guy invites you to hang out with him and watch movies at his place or get a quick coffee after work or meet at the Laundromat on Sunday afternoon, it’s an almost definite sign he’s into you.

Men bond simply by spending time with you. That’s the way men often fall in love with you without you even realizing it.

I’ve overheard women complain the guy in their life didn’t take them out every night was being cheap and thoughtless. They didn’t realize that they were pushing away a guy that was actually in the process of falling for them.

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If you’re wondering, Carlos, does this guy really love me?

Is he slipping away?

In fact, a man gives off certain signals when he thinks you might be the one. More importantly, he’s actually looking for a very special signal in you that tells him whether or not he can move forward with you, commit to you and propose to you.

Do you know what that secret signal a man is going to commit actually is?

Triggering his drive to commit to you is SO important.

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Written by Carlos Cavallo
Originally appeared on Attract The One
Unusual Signs Man Is Into You Pin
7 Unusual, Early Signs A Man Is Into You
Early Signs A Man Is Into You pin
7 Unusual, Early Signs A Man Is Into You
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