4 Things A Man Does If He Wants A Relationship With You


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things man does if he wants relationship you

Are you dating for quite sometime and still not sure if a man wants a relationship with you?

It doesn’t matter if you’re newly dating or you’ve been dating for a while. You’re probably reading this because you’re wondering what men think and if the man you’ve been giving your precious time and energy to wants a relationship with you.

You might wonder, do I invest more in this man or do I lean back and see what he does?

Do I let a man know my feelings or let him take the lead?

Does he love me or is he waiting for someone else to come along?

When a man is wholeheartedly invested in you, there are certain things that he will do that are clear signs that he’s into you in a big way which answers those nagging questions that keep running around in your head.

By the end of this, you won’t be turning in your bed overthinking his actions.

It’s going to be very clear how to tell if a guy likes you, really likes you or if he’s a player with no intention of committing to you.

Here are four things a man does if he wants a relationship with you:

1. The invisible thread.

The first clear sign that his heart is a hook, line, and sinker caught on you is what I call The Invisible Thread.

You could both be at a party talking to other people even in separate places or together but somehow, it feels like you’re still connected, tethered in some way.

You’re both linked by a thread that’s exclusively visible to you.

Whether it’s the way that he looks at you from across the room or when he’s out and about doing other things travelling for work or busy with his kids, he reaches out regularly enough so that you still feel connected.

Also, a man who’s really into you and values connection and intimacy won’t just be physically present on a date, he’ll be 100 per cent with you.

He will pay attention. He won’t just be nodding during your conversations while his eyes are roving around like a lifeguard at the beach.

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2. He wants to know who you are.

love someone

He’ll make an effort to ask meaningful questions because he wants to know you better.

It’s a sign a man appreciates your true qualities inside and out.

A man who isn’t emotionally invested in you wouldn’t even bother to talk about the future, ask about your opinions, what your dreams are or even what you did yesterday.

He might just want to get naked with you.

But a man who’s authentically interested in you will want to talk to you, experience things together and share both of your highs and lows.

Forget the guy who disappears at a vital point in his life (or yours) to be alone or who avoids helping you.

It’s like saying you’re important to him— but only up to this point— only when it’s fun or when it suits him.

A man who’s invested in a committed relationship won’t run when life gets more complicated because he will know curve balls are part of life and relationships and he wants to ride the curve balls with you.

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3. He wants to see you often.

He wants to see you again and again. If he’s really into you long term, nothing in the world is going to stop him from wanting to see you again.

Men generally aren’t complex creatures. Their actions aren’t too subtle to interpret.

Yes, they can be cagey and cautious but as that fog clears up, bottom line is he just wants to be with you again and as soon as possible. He will find ways to make it happen.

He might even drop by your work because he just happened to be in the area.

To help you with this, I made a must-see video where I explain the secret signal a man needs to open his heart and commit to you. What I share may certainly surprise you.

4. He will be your best friend and ally.

He will be your comrade. Not only is he attracted to you, he wants to be your best friend and ally.

He will go to war for you.

He will not want to be at war with you.

I’ve been in relationships with men who had no interest in being my comrade.

They were so ego-driven or so detached from the relationship that it almost never ran smoothly.

There was always a bump in the road.

My first relationship wasn’t like this.

It was easy and kind, though after struggling with some men in future relationships, I learned pretty quickly that men who really want you are invested in unity.

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They will be there for you.

While you may not always agree on things, he will try his hardest to find common ground with you so that you can both feel comfortable and resolved. He won’t give you unrelenting attitude and the ego treatment because he cherishes you and the relationship more than his ego.

It’s all about the willingness to understand each other because you both value partnership.

So there you have it.

The four things a man does if he wants a relationship with you.

If you’ve got a man in your life who’s not doing these things, then I’m very sorry to say he’s either just not that invested or he’s simply incapable of true intimacy. It doesn’t matter why he’s not fully committed to you, whether he’s insecure, has emotional issues, is emotionally unavailable or just waiting for someone better.

Not that there is someone better than you, though he’s thinking there’s someone else out there who will be more aligned with him in some way.

Then that’s 100 per cent OK.

Let him go.

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I want you to be with a man who prioritizes you, who wants to know you, who loves to spend time with you, who communicates with you regularly.

This is what an emotionally connected loving relationship looks like and this is how to know if he wants a serious relationship with beautiful, gorgeous you.

Even if it’s the early stages of dating, it shouldn’t feel like a battle. It should largely flow. If a healthy relationship with a man is not flowing, don’t try to force it. Focus on what you really want.

If he’s not working with you, then know there really are many more men to meet who will be what you’re looking for. There is no such thing as one man on the planet for you. There are plenty.

Secret signal that makes him commit to you?

To experience the kind of love that melts away your fears, pain and disillusion, then you DO NOT want to miss this.

Find out exactly what good men want to see before they will take the next step and commit forever.

Written by Nadine Piat
Originally appeared in Attracttheone.com

Republished with permission.
4 Things a Man Does If He Wants a Relationship With You
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