8 Unmistakable Body Language Signs He’s Interested In You

unmistakable body language signs he is interested in you

One of the best ways to understand whether a guy is interested in you or not is by noticing his body language signs. A man’s body language can tell you a lot about his feelings for you.

Want to know if a guy likes you? Stop paying attention to what he says and focus on his body language. Why? Men are not as verbal as women and they probably won’t say it right away. He may be insecure, shy, or just afraid to get rejected by someone as pretty as you. Although he may hold back his words, he will not be able to control his body language & reflexes when he likes you.

“Emotion looks the same whether you’re a suburban housewife or a suicide bomber. The truth is written on our faces.” – Cal Lightman, “Lie To Me”

Men: aren’t they a handful?

If you’re not stressing out over their will-he-or-won’t-he-commit antics, they’re giving you mixed signs about how they feel.

It can be frustrating trying to decode what a man says because unlike women, he’s not as emotionally expressive. So, he may be feeling one way, but his words suggest otherwise.

But it’s not that he’s trying to mislead you on purpose. The problem is that most guys grew up not learning how to communicate their feelings.

So that leaves a lot of room for misunderstandings and unspoken sentiments.

Sometimes, even he doesn’t know what he’s feeling at the moment and has a hard time sorting it out.

That makes it even more challenging for a guy to give you the real deal about where you stand with him.

On top of that, your guy might be particularly shy or terrified at the thought of getting turned down (something common among men).

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With so much getting in the way, it’s easy for you to misread his body language and take it for romantic interest – which of course, will put a huge, AWKWARD wedge between you two.

Or maybe the signs he likes you were flashing right in front of you but went over your head.

And when you finally realized it after the fact, it was too late and the proverbial ship had already sailed.

If either of those things has happened to you, don’t fret. Plenty of women have had their dreamboat get away from them on account of this pesky problem.

But there is a way to read your guy like a book so you when he’s giving you the green light…or if you should take a detour and move on.

While his words can be ambiguous, his BODY is another story. Everything he does sends a clear message of how he’s REALLY feeling.

Dr. David Givens, Ph.D., author of “Love Signals: A Practical Field Guide to the Body Language of Courtship”, says that humans give off these non-verbal cues during the courtship phase as a way of “feeling out” a potential mate.

There’s a certain rhythm to it, much like how animals engage in mating rituals.

In other words, it’s in our DNA, and humans have been playing this game for as long as we’ve been on this planet.

And if you want to win big time, the trick is to learn the crucial body language signs that tell you your guy is, in fact, feeling it.

If you can identify the signals as he gives them off, you’ll know exactly how to plan your next move.

Best of all, these signs are just as legit whether you’ve known him for some time, like a colleague or mutual friend…or that hottie who walked into the coffee shop five minutes ago.

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