What Type Of Wisdom Do You Possess – QUIZ

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Do you want to know how wise you really are? There are six types of wisdom and everyone has a certain type dominant in them. We at Mind Journal have come up with another quick test to help you find out what type of wisdom do you possess.

Before taking the quiz, read on to know about the different types of wisdom I am talking about. 

1. Wisdom Of Resilience

If resilience dominates your mind it means you have been through a hell lot of struggles and obstacles and defeated them with grace and strength. You have learned a lot of lessons from your hardships. Yet, you are always positive and ready to face anything that life throws at you.

2. Wisdom Of Perseverance

If you are most dominant in perseverance, you are a strong-willed, dedicated and intelligent person with a stable head. Besides determination, you are highly passionate and confident to deal with any difficult situation to get what you want.

3. Wisdom Of Words

You are incredible at giving valuable suggestions with a hint of philosophy to people. You can be a source of motivation and inspiration for others. Chances are high that you will be a great orator for you explain yourself and anything so well.

4. Wisdom Of God

You are highly spiritual and have a deep sense of faith in God. You believe in the narrative of equality and kindness between all living beings. You are non-judgemental and keen to spread love and happiness in the world.

5. Wisdom Of Sensuality

People are drawn to you because of your beauty and amazing body language. You have the power to help people become better versions of themselves. You are modern and lead the way in fantasy combined with realism. 

6. Wisdom Of Experience 

You live by the words ‘life is a journey’. Being in one place for a prolonged period of time is not something that you are best at. You crave change, new experiences, learning lessons, involving yourself in unconventional environments that boost your personal growth. And you always have a well-thought-out plan into action.

Which type of wisdom dominates you? 

Take This Quiz To Know!

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What Type Of Wisdom Do You Possess - QUIZ
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What Type Of Wisdom Do You Possess - QUIZ

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