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Lady Or Tree? What You See First Reveals Whether You Have An Introverted Or Extroverted Personality

Lady Or Tree Optical Illusion Test

Other people may see you as a loud personality, an observer, or a loner. But can you recognize yourself? This lady or tree optical illusion will help you! It’s time to know if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. What you see first in this image reveals your hidden personality.

Judging others’ personality is easy but how much do you really know about yourself matters a lot. People with high self-awareness don’t need others to hold up a mirror for them. You need not invest hours meditating in the Himalayas to know who you are deep inside. One minute is all you need! 

Yes, you read it right!

You will find plenty of optical illusions psychology tests at Mind Journal that reveal your character, passion, strengths and weaknesses, desires, and many more just in a few seconds. Today I have come up with another optical illusion test that is specifically designed to decode your hidden personality traits. 

Are you ready to take this test and reveal your hidden personality? Take a look at the image below!

Lady Or Tree? What You See First Reveals If You Are An Introvert Or An Extrovert

Lady Or Tree? What You See First Will Reveal the Truth Behind Your Personality

The first thing that comes to your mind highlights the truth behind your personality!

RESULTS: What Did You See First?

1. Two Trees

two trees

You are an extrovert if the first thing that draws your attention is two trees. You like socializing and meeting new acquaintances. Similar to how a tree’s branches provide shade for many people, you like helping others.

You are a thoughtful, caring, and generous personality. You care too much about others and too little for yourself.

Relationships are your top priority! You always have time for your spouse and other loved ones. At times you are clingy and need to work on it. 

You are a great observer and quick in paying attention to details, which leaves people spellbound. Exploring and learning new stuff is what gives you a kick. Sometimes you end up over analyzing things.

2. A Woman’s Head

a womans head

You are an introvert if you notice a woman with her back toward you. Sometimes, you are a loner and a daydreamer. You wish for positive things to happen in life and possess the ability to empathize with others’ sufferings.

You’re a person who stays within your means. You don’t care what’s happening around you and are not interested in taking a deep dive into things that seem unusual to you. 

Though you may not admit it, you are yearning for some kind of attention. Also, you are constantly on the lookout for the storm. 

What did you see first? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this optical illusion test with your friends and have fun!

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Lady Or Tree? What You See First Reveals Whether You Have An Introverted Or Extroverted Personality
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