How Can Empaths Protect Their Energy From Trauma Trigger People?

How Can Empaths Protect Themselves From Trauma Trigger People

Being an empath can be draining as hell, their mind gets crowded when stationed in between conflicts. A person can also act as an emotional trauma trigger for an empath as they are hyper attuned to others’ emotions and energies, good and bad.

This communication can be quite harmful to those empaths who do not know how to protect themselves. Read on to know how can empaths protect themselves from trauma trigger people.

If you have someone in your life who acts as a trauma trigger, they will no doubt have sprung to mind upon reading the title of this post.

Those who act as a trauma trigger to an Empath, cause a response at the mere mention of their name and can have them awash with painful emotions, just by thinking about them.

For the Empath, feeling other people’s energy and emotions is normal, both negative and positive. Some people emit lovely, light vibrations and are a joy to be around. But there are some who live under a cloud of negative energy and are riddled with angsts that they seem to thrive on. These types can act as trauma triggers.

How Can Empaths Protect Themselves

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These ‘trigger’ people tend to spew dark, angry energy and refuse to accept or change their behavior, even if it has been pointed out to them how their ways affect others. They tend to find fault in everyone (except themselves) and choose not to see the good in those around them.

Who Are Trauma Trigger People? And How Empaths Protect Their Energy From Them?

Anyone who fits the above description. They could be a family member, friend, employer or teacher, etc. They literally suck the joy out of life, just like Dementors in the Harry Potter books. Because you felt bad around them in the past, from experiencing their negative energy, their memory is capable of creating a trauma response simply by thinking of them.

If you are a naturally calm and peaceful person, trauma trigger people feel like pure poison and cause any number of painful emotions or discomfort, mostly felt around the solar plexus or heart area.

It doesn’t matter how long it is since you last saw them either, if they felt bad to you energetically and regularly caused painful or uncomfortable emotions, you will be triggered by them even after a large period of time has passed.

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It has to be noted, it is not just negative people who activate painful responses within the Empath and thus become trauma triggers.

Anyone who is suffering emotionally can ignite the Empath’s pain body. This normally happens when another’s pain is something to which you can relate to or have experienced. If, for example, you suffered a bereavement, being around the recently bereaved can create a traumatic response.

Feeling their pain can take you back to the time of your own loss and activates the memory of grief. However, these responses normally reduce as their emotional pain subsides.

negativity cloud

Dealing With Trauma Triggers or Psychic Attack?

Some people can be behind both a psychic attack and a traumatic trigger. Psychic attacks, in general, come randomly and out of the blue. In these cases, you find yourself having negative feelings or thoughts about a certain person, who is sending you bad thought energy when you are not with them.

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Recognizing a psychic attack takes some getting used to, but once aware, you know exactly what it is and when it is happening.

Trauma response is ignited when the person, acting as a trigger, is randomly mentioned in conversation, seen from a distance, or something that reminds you of them. Basically, every time said a person comes into your energy field through thought, word or presence is enough to activate a reaction. The trigger may be simple but the reaction is often traumatic.

Trauma Trigger

How Can Empaths Protect Themselves From Trauma Trigger People

You can avoid trauma trigger people but you cannot always stop them from connecting with you. The best way to deal with them is by continuing to practice your chosen methods of protection, staying grounded and in alignment within the mind, body, and spirit.

If you suffer the effects of trauma triggers or psychic attacks, regularly you will likely be out-of-balance or have a leaky aura.

I will be putting a post out soon with more information on the subject, but my book 7 Secrets of the Sensitive discusses the best ways for the Empath to find balance, build a strong energy field and harness their incredible hidden power.

Alternatively, there are many posts on this blog to help with the transformation. You may want to start with this one or this one.

Hope this helps on your Empath journey. Until next time…

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Trauma Trigger People And The Empath
Trauma Trigger People And The Empath
how can an empath stay protected from trauma trigger people pin
how empaths protect themselves
Empath Stay Protected From Trauma Trigger People pin
how do empaths protect themselves
Empath Stay Protected Trauma Trigger People pin
how do empaths protect themselves
how do empaths protect themselves

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