It’s Never Too Late To Find True Love

it's never too late to find true love

Many people worry that it’s too late to find true love but this true story teaches us, why we should never give up on hope.

Linda: I first heard this story from Sonia Choquete.

It is a true story about a woman in her seventies who came to have a psychic consultation with Sonia in Chicago.

The woman’s husband had recently died, and she was looking at her life ahead. During the consultation, the woman confided to Sonia that she wanted to move to Sedona, Arizona, and her daughters were not supportive of her plan. They thought she should stay put and bake cookies for the grandchildren.

As the story unfolded, the elderly woman explained that her husband had been difficult. He was an alcoholic, verbally abusive to her during the marriage, and had a long drawn out death from cancer.

She said,

“I have always been interested in meta-physical things. He ridiculed me for my beliefs. He smelled so bad at the end and never once thanked me for the care I was giving him. I felt that it was my duty to stay with him all these years, and I did that. Now I’m glad he’s gone.”

My friend Sonia after hearing her story in detail asked if her health was good, and her client answered that she was blessed to still enjoy good health.  So Sonia gave her the support and encouragement that she was seeking and said,

“Go ahead and move to Sedona. You have been taking care of other people all your life, raising your kids and taking care of your difficult husband. Now it’s your turn. You live the life you want to live.”

Sonia is quite intuitive and sensed that there was something that her client wasn’t disclosing. She said,

“There is something else that you haven’t told me.”

And her client blushed saying,

“I can’t talk about that.”

I know Sonia well enough to recognize that she can be fierce, and she persisted saying,

“You tell me.”

The woman said,

“I’ve never given up hope of finding a sweet love.”

Sonia offered her support again and sent her on her way.

The next day, both of the woman’s daughters showed up at Sonia’s home, angrily accusing her of encouraging and old woman to move away from her children and grandchildren. Sonia spoke up to the daughters saying,

“Your mother has lived her life for everyone else. She’s healthy and wants to move. Let her have her own life. Now get off my porch.”

A short time later, Sonia got a postcard from the older woman with a return address in Sedona saying,

“I found a nice trailer and a job in one of those metaphysical shops that sells all those wonderful items that I appreciate. Spiritual tapes, crystals, and the books that I love to read surround me.

Some months later, Sonia received another postcard saying,

“An older gentleman came into the shop where I work looking for a gift. He was wearing shorts, and I admired his sturdy legs. I could tell how fit he was from hiking. We got into a long interesting conversation while I showed him a number of items in the shop. He finally selected a rose quarts heart. I gift-wrapped it and he ended up giving it to me. He moved into my trailer with me. I found my sweet love.”

I have always loved this story because it is such a story of hope.

Linda Bloom, LCSW and Charlie Bloom, MSW have been trained as psychotherapists and relationship counselors and have worked with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations since 1975. They have lectured and taught at universities and learning institutes throughout the USA, including the Esalen Institute, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, 1440 Multiversity, and many others.  They have taught seminars in many countries throughout the world. They have co-authored four books, 101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married: Simple Lessons to Make Love Last, Secrets of Great Marriages: Real Truth From Real Couples About Lasting Love, Happily Ever After And 39 Other Myths About Love, and That Which Doesn't Kill Us: How One Couple Became Stronger at the Broken Places. They have been married since 1972 and are the parents of two adult children and three grandsons. Linda and Charlie live in Santa Cruz, California. Their website is