Why Highly Intelligent People Struggle to Find Love

Why Highly Intelligent People Struggle to Find Love

Why Highly Intelligent People Struggle to Find Love

In a conversation, the other day, a friend of mine implied that he was single because he was too smart. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it probably had more to do with the fact that he looks like the secret love child of Rick Moranis and a woodland creature. Alas, being single myself, I wondered to myself, “does being smart make it harder to find love?”

In the end, I think it really does. I’m not saying that if you’re in love that you are stupid. I’m not saying that at all, so let’s be clear. I’m saying that highly intelligent people have a harder time falling in love, and here is why:

Intelligent people are more analytical when it comes to love

Intelligent people tend to have better foresight. Foresight, in and of itself, is basically just the ability to analyze a situation, recall relevant past experiences, and make an educated assessment of the future possibilities of the situation. Apply that mentality to a relationship and you get situations where smarter people are quicker to duck out of a relationship at the first sign of trouble. If experience is the best teacher, then the smartest people will rely on experience to guide them. Relying on experience to navigate a relationship can be tricky, though. Every relationship has similar situations. What ruined one relationship doesn’t always have to ruin another, but for people who rely heavily on their experiences, they can often walk away at the first signs of trouble.

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Intelligent people are guarded

Another side-effect of relying on experience when it comes to love is that intelligent people tend to be way more guarded. They have a harder time opening up because that analytical brain never stops reflecting back on past situations where they opened up to someone, and ultimately got hurt in the process. For this reason, other people assume the person is cold or distant, two characteristics no one wants in a partner.

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Intelligent people are often single by choice

Highly intelligent people think analytically, even when it comes to things like relationships. Therefore, intelligent people realize that being alone is better than being with the wrong person. It’s a rational, thought-out decision. So, in essence, most really smart people are single because they want to be. It is a rational, thought out decision – not a circumstance of their situation.

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Written by Justin Gammill Source: I Heart Intelligence.com

Why Highly Intelligent People Struggle to Find Love
Why Highly Intelligent People Struggle to Find Love

41 thoughts on “Why Highly Intelligent People Struggle to Find Love”

  1. What absolute nonsense. The author clearly has issues and, instead of confronting and dealing with them, is making his supposedly high intelligence an excuse. I would hazard a guess that if he withdrew from his own arse, he might have more success. Nobody likes a smart arse.

  2. Full of assumptions. It’s interesting that the author is at first sceptical about the notion that “too much brain prevents relationships” when it came to his ugly mate’s misfortunes in courtship.

    Yet when he analyses his own status the author suddenly finds it perfectly ok to conclude that for good reason it could well be his superior cerebrum (and his choice, of course) that gets in the way.

    Certain men need to boost their egos by telling themselves a “no” is actually proof of their superior intelligence.

  3. Love is not intelligent, Love is heart and mind, commitment is for those who know what Love is, not what you think it is or deduce , narcissists think they are intelligent, alcoholics think they are intelligent…

  4. I can translate this article for you in an understandable language ,with just one sentence, here it is: “‘The more stupid and ignorant you are, the better!”‘ now go and judge for yourselves what kind of person wrote this trash!!

  5. Don’t blame your inability to create connections on your intelligence, there is a high change you’re neither intelligent neither highly(inteligent)

    Articles on this website seems to be written for or by a sociopath, who tries to find closure and feeling good about himself by not trying to really understand the underlying problem.

    Go fund yourselves !

  6. The problem is that the ‘so called’ intelligent people always analyse and try to use logic in matters of the heart, when in it comes to relationship and religious matters it becomes kind of tricky when one uses logic.

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