3 Tips For A Better Relationship With Your Man

Tips for a better relationship with your man

Are you eagerly looking for that sure-fire way to build a healthy and better relationship with your man?

Want to inspire your man’s deepest love and commitment? And see just how romantic and emotionally available he can be? Or, if you’re single: Do you want to set yourself up to attract the man of your dreams with total ease?

If you do the following three things I’m about to explain, you just might be able to transform your relationship with your man overnight or start drawing and filtering higher quality men into your life than ever before.

The most important aspects of the relationship, and qualities in a partner, are not something I’ve ever seen or heard discussed anywhere in mainstream relationship advice.

This is especially the case when it comes to cracking the code of how to co-exist with your man in the long term, to have the happiest, most committed relationship with your man possible.

There are some unique nuances about the male mind that aren’t naturally intuitive to most women (and vice versa, of course). But these are things that we have a hard time seeing and putting into words, so you’ve likely never heard this stuff before.

That is why I wanted to put these all in one place. I’ve drawn from my personal experience in working with hundreds of men, as well as taking inspiration from my female clients, in noticing the patterns in their key struggles with the partnership. And as they began to integrate and apply these insights, they all noticed a huge shift almost immediately.

So, each of these following three points will uncover a fundamental aspect of the male mind, which will allow you to more harmoniously relate with him while causing him to want to commit to you more than any other woman he’ll ever meet. 

Here are three tips for you to have a better relationship with your man.

1. Men care about their ‘purpose’ more than their relationship

Let’s start out with a hard truth. Because, why not?

So, we all have these things called “values.” Our values dictate what matters most to us in the world; they are the traits and virtues that we stand for and want to experience and live by.

And in the Western world, we men often refer to our number one core value as our ‘Purpose’.

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It is a fact that the vast majority of men (if not all of them) care more about their purpose, deep down, than they do about their romantic relationship.

In other words, a man’s partner can be his favorite person, but not his favorite anything.

This might be a tough pill to swallow. But ask any honest man, and he will confirm this to be true. And if he doesn’t, I’d say that’s a red flag.

Because men who aren’t connected to their purpose aren’t fully connected to themselves and will start to slide into frustration over time as they keep putting other things ahead of their purpose, without even realizing that it’s happening.

I said men care more about their purpose “deep down,” because this is a fundamental part of male nature. Although there are plenty of men who neglect it. They are more prone to being stuck at a stunted level of psychological development, where they’re still caught up in approval-seeking and validation from women because they haven’t fully come into their own. This causes a whole other host of serious relationship issues. 

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So, how can this insight about a man’s purpose affect your relationships? Well, there are two things that can be done with the information here.

First, make sure that you only ever get into a relationship with a man whose purpose you deeply respect and can get behind fully.

Because whatever the purpose he’s connected to, it will dictate the course of his life, and it will also dictate the course of your attraction.

Like most women, you probably look at him and think you’re just falling in love with and committing to an individual. But he is tied to a whole other entity: His purpose. You can picture it like the sidecar on a motorcycle.

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