This Is Why You Should Never Be Sorry For Being Too Clingy

This Is Why You Should Never Be Sorry For Being Too Clingy

Don’t be sorry for being too sweet, too attached, too caring.

Never apologize if you’re texting them from time to time. If you reply too fast, or with some sort of lengthiness. You don’t have to feel guilty if you want to be with them all this damn time and then telling them so. Or if you only want their attention too bad. You don’t have to look down on yourself if they get annoyed by how your name keeps popping up on their Messenger. If you keep on tagging them under those memes and posts you know you can relate. Or if you say that I love you a million times over.

Never apologize for initiating the talk or for being the last one to respond. Whenever you listen and react enthusiastically to what they say and they don’t do the same when you’re sharing your thoughts, please don’t feel down. Don’t say, I swear I won’t be like that anymore. Never think it’s your fault that you subtly get hurt if people can’t do the same for you. Don’t blame yourself. Don’t consider it the weakness. Don’t question your importance.

Never feel unworthy.

You’re not being desperate, sweet darling. You just know how to concretize your love. You just know how to ensure people you really love them. You’re just gifted with the art of expressing your affection. Don’t try to change. Don’t consider clinginess a crime. If people walk away because of how you stick to them, then let them go.

Let them go because sooner or later they will crave your sweetness. They’ll long for your expressive love. They’ll look for it in other people (and most likely they’ll end up disappointed). They’ll find it hard to sleep because you haven’t texted them and no one has asked how their day went. They can never open up again like they did when they were with a keen listener like you. They will wait for your annoying chat and they will wish that someone would tag them on posts that remind them of you. They will check their mobiles from time to time according to how your name used to appear there from time to time. They will realize your worth. They will remember how they took you for granted.

They will miss you terribly.

And you won’t ever be sorry for losing them because the truth is, it’s them who lost you. They lost a sweet, precious gem. They lost someone who knew how to truly care for them and lavish love on them. They lost someone who might never be the same with them again. Because you have learned. You didn’t change, but you just came to the point of being tired. And with that tiredness, came freedom.


You deserve someone clingy as you are. Someone who knows how to value your presence. Someone who doesn’t see you as a nuisance. Someone who understands why you deserve attention. Why you deserve the same amount of energy you always give. The same amount of love you exert.

So don’t ever be sorry for being too clingy, darling. Because if people leave you for it, you know that the right people are ready to take over.

Written by Karla Crisostomo
Originally appeared on Thought Catalog
Printed with permission from the author

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This Is Why You Should Never Be Sorry For Being Too Clingy



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