This Is How You Lose A Guy Forever: Love Roadmap To Help Win Him Back

This Is How You Lose A Guy Forever: Things To Avoid

If there’s one thing you’re certain about, it’s that you don’t want to lose him, not now, not ever. Here’s how you lose a guy in a relationship!

In relationships, there are many things you might end up doing, that can ruin it, and make you lose a guy forever. Even the best kinds.

How many times have you thought that modern relationships are a hoax? Yes, they sure are. How many times have you wished to have a long term relationship that is secure and comfortable? I am sure you have thought about it.

But what if your want for a relationship is not getting fulfilled because of some of your own habits? What if we tell you that you lose a guy forever because there are some things you are doing wrong in your relationship?

So what makes you lose a guy? Here’s a rough list of things you do that makes you lose a guy forever!

This Is How You Lose A Guy Forever: Start Watching Out For These 13 Things

1. You don’t know what emotional intimacy is.

What if the modern world forgot to teach you that more than anything else, a balanced relationship needs emotional intimacy?

Emotional intimacy is the feeling of comfort and warmth that enables you to emotionally open up to the other person.

But we are so caught up in the facade of how relationships are these days, that we totally overlook this crucial factor. It is excruciatingly essential if you haven’t figured that bit already.

2. You don’t respect him.

If you don’t want the relationship to work and want him to leave for good, then never respect him. Don’t respect his ideas or beliefs or feelings. Make him feel that whatever the hell he thinks is usually useless.

Make sure he knows that you don’t respect him even a darn jot. Make him feel that even when he is 100% absolutely correct about things and even when he deserves to be respected, you don’t care about respecting him because obviously, his feelings do not matter at all.

So don’t you dare show any sort of respect for him. If you do, maybe he will stick with you forever and that can’t be good.

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3. You inherently don’t like him.

If you want to make your partner a jumble of insecurities and issues, show that you don’t like him. Make love to him and be in love with him but don’t like him at all.

Detest his ways and point out all the things that you dislike about him and surely you are good to go. Remember, that dislike must be absolutely shown.

4. You complain a lot about him.

Do not praise him ever. In fact, tell all your friends that he is a jerk and how you wish you had never met him ever.

Tell your partner also that you deserve so much better than him and that you will do better off without his irritating presence.

Make sure that he knows that you are keeping a count of all the stupid things that he does. Complain as much as possible and to everyone around you.

5. You constantly judge him, and everything he does.

Every day, he does at least a zillion things that you can judge and insult him for.

The more you judge him, the more he will resist himself from sharing his thoughts and ideas with you, and don’t you want that? It would be so much peace in that way. So judge him often and insult him appropriately.

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6. You have zero trust in him.

He is a man. Of course, you can judge him. He is a jerk who just needs sex and in order to get it, he will tell you every darn lie in the whole wide world.

So how can you trust him? Be doubtful of everything that he says. Even if he says he was in the washroom, don’t trust him. He must be up to something all the time. What else do these men even do?

7. You blame him all the time for something or the other.

Blame him for every wrong thing that has ever happened to you. If you want, go ahead and blame him for global warming and for the worldwide rise of fascism.

Blaming him for everything will make you feel very peaceful on the inside and you will turn into a much better person.

8. You stay angry all the time.

Come on, if you guys have a fight, it’s totally his responsibility to convince you to placate you because you are never wrong.

He is the ungrateful jerk so obviously, he should come and apologize. You must totally stay angry no matter what he says. Don’t even get convinced very soon otherwise they learn to hurt you often.

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9. You are not reliable when it comes to him.

Make sure that he knows that he cannot count on you for anything. Make sure that you are never ever there for him when he needs you.

Why would you be reliable? You ain’t getting paid for it. So, be absent when he needs a hand to hold. Run away when he needs a shoulder to lean on.

10. You never take responsibility for anything.

Never ever say that you were wrong. Why would it be your fault? Don’t even take any responsibility for any chore whatsoever. Relationships aren’t equal spaces.

He should take responsibility for every task and for every wrong.

11. You never take him seriously.

Never take him seriously. He is the physical manifestation of a joke. Laugh it off every time he tries to make a point.

Consider everything that he says as a senseless emission of stupidity. And why take him seriously! He is just a man, after all.

12. You fail to forgive him even for the smallest mistakes.

Don’t forgive him. Instead, keep a count of all the mistakes he does. Don’t lose any opportunity of reminding him even of the mistake that he did years or months ago.

Everything that he does is absolutely unforgivable. Always remember that and always remind him that.

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13. You never try to learn anything.

Never ever try to learn anything. If this one breaks up with you repeat the same good habits with the next one. Don’t learn to adjust or make compromises.

If You Don't Want To Lose Him Forever
If You Don’t Want To Lose Him Forever

Men will learn that. You stay the same instead. Throw tantrums and seek attention.

But, If you don’t want to be the rat that follows the tune of the modern world blindly. and if you don’t want to lose a guy you love, DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF ALL THAT HAS BEEN SAID ABOVE.

Find your match and live with him happily ever after, with love, compromise, and support.

If you don’t want to lose a guy, then make sure he knows that he means a lot to you and you would do everything just to be with him. Make sure!

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This Is How You Lose A Guy Forever
How You Lose A Guy Forever
 How You Lose A Guy Forever Pin
13 Pitfalls To Avoid If You Don’t Want To Lose Him Forever
you don't want to lose him

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