This Is How You Feel When The Two Of You Are Just Meant To Be

This Is How You Feel When The Two Of You Are Just Meant To Be


“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.” ― Mandy Hale.

In this world of the twenty-first century, love, for most of the people has lost its permanence. Heart-breaks are common and many have started believing that it’s not necessary that two souls will always remain together.

However, it is the universe who decides this and when the universe calls, the souls cannot stay away from one another. They come together and embark upon the magical journey of love.

You might be wondering how to understand if you are really meant to be with your partner?

Well, look for these 4 signs:


(1)  You are yourself with all your flaws:

You are in your trust of selves and you don’t have to act or pretend in front of the person you love. They love you for the person you are and have accepted your flaws too. You are comfortable in showing your vulnerabilities.


(2)  Your conversations are natural:

Conversations come to you naturally and neither you, nor your partner has to wait for words to express. The two of you talk as if you have been talking for centuries. It’s so natural, so spontaneous. Together, you create wonders, giving birth to some amazingly creative ideas.


(3)  The relationship is based on equality:

The relationship between you and your partner allows space for equality. The two of you give space and liberty to one another and grow together simultaneously. True love is not about dominating or submitting. It’s about equality and your relationship exactly reflects that.


(4)  The two of you create magic when you do things together:

You must be hearing it from your peers more often that the two of you are just day and night; you complement one another. When you and your beloved do something together, it becomes wonderful. This is universe’s way of telling you that the two of you are meant to be together.

                   Cherish the relationship you have. Let it grow. There will be fights and misunderstanding but they are all a part of life.

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This Is How You Feel When The Two Of You Are Just Meant To Be



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