35 Tell-Tale Signs You Have Been Sleeping With Your Soulmate

Signs Sleeping With Soulmate

These signs will tell you that you have been sleeping with your soulmate.
Colonial hangover or not, lovemaking with strangers has always been a thing. Making love is tangible proof of intimacy and that kind of refutes the above sentence.

“How can you make love if you aren’t in love?” was the question. Love can make every caress more special, every kiss more intense.

Here are signs that show that you are already with your flame, the other half of your soul:

1. The raspy, impassioned “I love you!” in the middle of physical intimacy, is not just the moment. They mean it even when it’s done.

2. The bed has been portioned. You roll over to your side once you are done.

3. The smallest things, like them singing a tune/ rolling their eyes at you when you do something silly, turns you on like clockwork.


4. Being naked in front of them feels as comfortable as stripping after a hard day at the office.

5. Instead of staring at each other’s bodies, you see each other, eye-to-eye when making love. There is trust.

6. Small worries like how you smell/how rough that stubble is, fly out the window.

7. The passionate lovemaking is as often tender and vanilla as rough and beast-like.

8. They can tell if you are turned on, just by looking at you.

9. Even during intense lovemaking, when there are awkward moments, you both laugh at them, instead of being quiet and embarrassed. It doesn’t affect the things that follow at all either.

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10. Getting turned down when you initiate physical intimacy is no longer an issue because you know they find you sexy.

11. The intimacy after making love i.e spooning, sleeping, cuddling feels equally good if not more special.

12. Their naked body is the most beautiful thing in the world for you.

13. Porn doesn’t work anymore. When they aren’t around it is the thought of them you get off to.

soulmate love

14. You don’t have to tell them what you want anymore. They know, and they’re probably doing it.

15. Going to bed with your partner doesn’t feel like a chore. It happens when it has to and it’s initiated non-verbally. The mental connection hence is strong.

16. You have your very own lovemaking-song.

17. Sounds corny but sometimes, you end up calling it “making love” and not its rather boisterous synonyms.

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