The Difference Between A Soulmate and A Life partner


Difference Between A Soulmate and A Life partner

In our lifetime, we meet many people and make many new relationships and often end up mixing up those bonds. Two of the most common relationships are ‘Soulmate’ and ‘Life partner’. People tend to mix them up and a soulmate and a life partner may seem to hold the same meaning, but they are totally different.

A soulmate is someone that is connected at a deep level, they come in your life to stir your soul, awaken the consciousness and transcend to a higher level. They come in our lives when we are ready and not anytime sooner. Their arrival depends on when we are ready to manifest the lessons that we are destined to fulfill.

Soulmate relationships are not forever, once the lessons have been learned, physical separation usually occurs. Soulmates can be a family member, a friend, or any of the relatives and not necessarily a romantic partner.

A life partner is someone who you walk with hand in hand, a stable and secure individual who you can lean on, put your faith and trust in, and depend on through the journey of life. They grow and learn with you, there is a mutual feeling of love and respect and you both are in sync with each other’s needs and wants.

Here Are The Differences Between A Soulmate and A Life partner

1. A brief colorful moment vs bliss for a lifetime.

Love with a soulmate is a moment of bliss at dawn with the sky colored in Aurora and fireworks delighting your eyes, but soon you realize that those fireworks have left burns on you. A long-lasting love with a soulmate is almost impossible as there will come many obstacles. It requires a lot of hard work and effort to make it work and still, the chances of success are very low.

Whereas life partners are like the dusk of spring morning accompanied by a fresh breeze that sends a signal of happiness through your spines. Life partners are there in your life to lift you up and make you happy, they are there to stay. Each day the love and connection deepen, and each day you feel more loved, happier, and safe. They are not fireworks but the warmth in your heart. Happiness that matters, a happiness that lasts.

2. Instant connect vs taking its time.

Upon the arrival of your soulmate, you will feel a connection between you two instantly; it’s a feeling as if you have known each other for years. The chemistry and understanding are so good that you will feel like ‘Yes! He/she is the one’. But relationships with soulmates are full of struggles and chaos. By the time your relationship had walked some distance, you both will be unhappy and end up in a destructive position.

Life partners take their time, they uncover your insecurities, fears, likes, dislikes one by one, and know about you. They connect with you slowly and try to understand everything about you. They are calm and your relationship with them is calmer and safer. You feel more relaxed and let things unfold itself. You have a sense of safety and reliability which you cannot find in a relationship with a soulmate.

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3. Guiding you vs walking with you.

Soulmates are not necessarily your lovers, they can be a member of the family, a friend, or anyone. They come in your life to guide you, to show you the correct path. They teach you lessons that are most necessary to learn at that point in time and once the lessons have been imparted they disappear from your life.

A life partner is there to walk hand in hand with you. They are there to support you throughout life. They will stick around through all ups and downs. They will push you to excel and do well in life and they will always be around rooting for you and lifting you up.

4. Fancy connection vs stable one.

The connection you feel with your soulmate is beyond what words can describe. You feel as if this was meant to happen, you feel a deep connection at an emotional level, you share a similar thought process. Soul mates are there to guide you and teach you and they make you feel a certain way.

A life partner is someone who is there to share his life with you, all of his knowledge, wisdom, and everything. With them, you don’t only feel a spiritual and emotional connection but something much more, a connection that catalyzes your logical and intellectual stimulations. You feel more safe and stable. There is no fancy connection yet you feel completely at home.

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5. The levels of spiritual connection.

The beginning of a relationship whether it is with a soulmate or a life partner all feels magical and blissful. The thing is the relationship with soulmates doesn’t last long. Ego, compatibility, and various hurdles come in the way which takes the relationship on a destructive path and you both end up in a bitter heartbreak. But as all the other lessons, embrace this as just another lesson from your soulmate.

The connection with a life partner is much deeper and maybe because you both are at the same frequency level, you go well with each other and last longer. You both share similar interests and are putting in efforts to make oneself and the other better. This chemistry and understanding deepen your connection and the love takes you along a long journey.

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  1. Roxanne L Menchaca Avatar
    Roxanne L Menchaca

    I’ve often wondered about the difference. It helps explain a recent purely out of the blue relationship that felt so amazing right from beginning and then within 9 months of being together 24/7 it ended abruptly and ugly. I can’t let go of that completely because of the close connection. We remain friends and communicate but I feel we won’t be together physically again. I did learn a lot about myself with him and now reading this I feel that he is a soulmate. Thank you

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