11 Of The Most Important Things, Parents of Successful Kids Do

11 Of The Most Important Things, Parents of Successful Kids Do

The quality of parenting that a person receives in his growing up years pretty much shapes his personality and worldview.

Right parenting sets up the kids for success and happiness in their lives.

According to science, there are few key traits that parents of successful kids have in common.

Here are 11 of the most important things that parents of successful kids do:


1). They model good relationship dynamics

Harvest University has been running a Grant study since 2003 to find out what’s the single thing that leads to health and happiness.
The result from the 75 years of study and analysis was pretty surprising. It revealed that the answer to health and happiness does not lie solely in acquiring wealth or fame.
The answer instead lies in relationship dynamics.

The message that came out was loud and clear: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.

Successful parenting therefore involves teaching their kids the importance of relationships and how to nurture them the right way.
Successful parents model good relationship dynamics as a couple as well as with their family and friends to teach their kids to build healthy relationships.


2). They praise and encourage their kids the right way.

Successful parents instill in their kids “Growth Mindset” instead of “Fixed Mindset” by praising them for positive habits instead of just results achieved or their innate abilities.

Let’s understand with an example:

Don’t praise the kid for the grade that she got, but for the amount of hard work that she put in to get that grade.
Don’t praise for winning a race but for all the hard work and sweat that she put in during the practice which led to the result.
Don’t praise her saying “You’re such a talented singer”,instead praise her saying “You sound so good after so many hours of practice.”

This would instill in kids lifelong positive habits and a growth mindset instead of being complacent in a fixed mindset.


3). They spend quality time with their children

“The time and quality of the time that parents devote to them indicate to children the degree to which they are valued by their parents. Some basically unloving parents, in an attempt to cover up their lack of caring, make frequent professions of love to their children, repetitively and mechanically telling them how much they are valued, but not devoting significant time of high quality to them.
Their children are never totally deceived by such hollow words. Consciously they may cling to them, wanting to believe that they are loved, but unconsciously they know that their parent’s words do not match up to their deeds.” – M Scott Peck


It is very important that parents spend quality time with their kids along with making verbal affirmations of love. It makes them feel valued and loved beyond any doubt and helps in creating a healthy sense of self which they carry throughout their life.

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Written by Shweta Advani


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