8 Toxic Things Parents Do That Keep Their Children From Being Successful

Toxic things parents do that restrict their children’s autonomy and prevent them from becoming a successful in future.

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It is true that parents are our biggest protectors, our best friends and our mentors. They spend their entire life trying to make sure that we end up as good human beings and help us become the best versions of ourselves.

But sometimes, when the barriers are crossed, the result might be the absolute opposite.

It is necessary for every parent to draw a line to their strictness and understand that they can only teach their child to crawl, they cannot teach them to run.

At the end of the day, all of us are individuals and have to learn things by ourselves. We can only be guided.  Their motives are indeed pure, but some parents go overboard with their methods.

You can only feed your child but it is they who will have to ultimately chew the food. It is because of this reason why people say that the strictest parents raise the best liars.

There are some parents who will do everything for their child except let them live their own life. It is also said that being overly strict with your kids can lead them to have low IQ and confidence.

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Here are 8 common behaviors of parents that prevent their kids from becoming the best version of themselves.

1- Keeping them inside a box:

Sometimes parents are so scared of their kids facing failures that they don’t even allow them to try new things.

What they don’t understand is failure too is a part of life. If their kids don’t experience new things, how are they going to learn?


2- No over-praising please:

Yes. This is one of the most personality damaging things that parents do. No, we aren’t asking you to be cold to your kids.

What we’re trying to say is don’t be excessively heart-warming. This will make them get used to constant acknowledgment and may create issues later in life like at work.


3- Constantly Spying On Them:

Keeping a watch on your child is absolutely fine and in-fact is important to make sure that they haven’t taken the wrong track.

But constantly spying of them is honestly very annoying.  The more you try to find out about them, the more secretive they become. This is also the reason why most kids don’t open up to their parents.


4- Forcing them to bottle up emotions:

Most parents force their kids to be emotionally strong which makes them bottle up from inside. They are made to believe that speaking about sentiments isn’t a good thing and is for the weak


5- Spoon feeding them:

Let them do it! Don’t place everything in front of them. Let them take responsibility on their shoulders when time comes.


6- Trying to Protect them from Bad Influence

Let them make friends. Often strict parents don’t allow their kids to make friends because they are afraid of their kids being under bad influence.

Don’t do that. Let them decide who they want to be friends with and help them in differentiating between good and bad people


7- Being Too Strict

We know you are concerned about their future and life but don’t overdo things.

Too much strictness will only force them to hide things from you and create a weird gulf between you and your child.


8- Not practicing what you preach:

Some parents teach their kids to be kind towards others but often treat people around them poorly.

They tell their kids how violence isn’t the answer but actually end up portraying the exact opposite of it.

Make sure you too practice what you teach your kids.

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8 Toxic Things Parents Do That Keep Their Children From Being Successful

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