The Symbol You Pick Will Tell You Which Phase of Life You Have Entered


4. The Spiritual Phase

the spiritual phase

Coming to the last phase to be experienced in this life, this is the phase of the spirit. We now come to the realization that there is more to the universe than just the things we’ve found in this material world. While wealth, relationships, beautiful objects and successes have all been important, your spirituality begins to take precedence over everything else. Now more than ever, you feel your connection with the universe.

Our oneness with the all pervading Spirit slowly expands in our consciousness and we become aware that we are merely beings of energy travelling through space. As it is made of energy, life too has neither a beginning nor an end. No matter what, the journey will have to continue. Once you’ve entered the profound peace of the spirit, your life will be focused on shining your light in the darkest of places and offering nourishment and compassion without expecting anything in return. You will find yourself reaching out to teach and guide others so that they too can enter this stage that you are blessed to be experiencing. It is an ending but it is also a new and joyful beginning.

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The Symbol You Pick Will Tell You Which Phase of Life You Have Entered

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