3 Ways Broken Men Fail To Love Fully Again

3 Ways Broken Men Fail To Love Fully Again

The Saga Of Broken Men: Why He Cannot Win Love

It is now almost the norm to marry late. We are much more comfortable with delaying matrimony rather than hurrying into it. Most of us are getting hitched much later than our parents.

For those who are into unconventional jobs or live in big cities, marriage is further pushed back into the future.

This, however, does not mean we are not involved in relationships.

But, as we don’t feel ready to get settled, our relationships don’t last long.

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After the breakup, we have to start afresh. Again, we have to go through the emotional cycle with a new person.

With time, the list of your exes lengthens and so do the burden of memories attached to each of them. More unfulfilled promises, more heartbreaks, and tearful breakups weigh down your soul.

Our parents didn’t have to experience the disappointment of the failure of so many romantic relationships because they got themselves into a committed relationship by marrying early.

They must have felt discontent or frustration with their choice at one point in time, but still, they were able to save themselves from the disappointment of multiple failed relationships.

These failed relationships impact you in an irreversible way and you change gradually and permanently.

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You get cynical and hardened from inside.

The series of broken relationships take a heavier toll on men than on women.

It’s true that women feel as much pain as men do, but we generally keep our hearts more open. This makes us more vulnerable, and that is why we can start over once again after we have healed from the previous breakup.

But, each time we start anew, we leave a piece of our heart behind. Our losses are actually like deaths that kill a bit of us and we can never retrieve those parts that we lose.

And when with all the lost relationships to consider, our losses are indeed heavy. Those bits we lost through the course of our past make us broken men.

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They are mere shadows of what they used to be once.

A broken man can’t give in easily anymore.  He can’t trust, can’t be involved fully even if he wants to do that badly.

All broken men show a similar behavior pattern.

These men are mostly in their mid or late 30s or even older. They are finally ready to take the ultimate plunge.

They desire strong for long-lasting relationships.

But, alas, they fail to win over their partners because of their inability to love. So, even when they want to settle down, they have to meet disappointment.

Do you know the science of heartbreak? You may like this video:

He Is Always Cautious

The broken men never rush and never seem to flow with passion. Their reaction to everything is somewhat cold. This is their prominent feature.

It’s good not to rush into relationships. Moving slowly in a relationship is not a bad thing but a woman expects a man to call her his girlfriend and not the girl he is dating after 10 months of being together. She feels disgusted.

The broken man, on the other hand, wants to make his moves cautiously. His past experiences have taught him to be in control rather than regret later.

It is all too well to ensure that the relationship he is in is real before he gets involved deeply.

But a point comes when a woman wants to take the relationship to the next level. We just can’t continue to casually date any longer. He has to decide fast because we would want to start a family and her time is limited.

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