9 Ways to Fix Your Broken Marriage  

9 Ways to Fix Your Broken Marriage  

How can you fix a broken marriage? Don’t give up!

You know that ugly feeling when you come to the realization that your husband seems to have stopped trying in your relationship.

You might even be asking yourself, “does he still love me?” Can you learn how to fix a broken marriage when it seems like your husband no longer cares?

Your thoughts lately have included things like, “I’m alone in this marriage. I’m doing all the work!” Or, “I think he’s given up…on us!”

And, sadly, even, “Is my marriage over?”

It hurts. It’s unbelievable. You feel terrified!

And then… you’re angry.

It feels like at every turn, your conversations with him just spiral into negativity. As hard as you try, it seems like this cycle of marriage problems and conflicts never ends. You move from stuck to even more stuck.

It’s been this way for weeks, months, years, possibly even decades. From the moment you first got married and every day since then, your interactions with him ooze with animosity, resentment, and anger.

So, what can you do about it?

Well, since you’re reading this article, you’ve already taken the first step! It clear you haven’t given up on the relationship.

So, what’s the next thing you can do? Well, I can tell you not to wait for him to make the first move! You’ll find yourself waiting a while.

No matter how distant he seems, you still have the power to shift your relationship to a more positive, loving place.

By fighting for your marriage and changing how you act (and react), there is a solid chance you’ll create a different outcome.

Is there a guarantee? If you follow these tips on how to save your marriage, you will shift yourself out of feeling stuck because you’re actively doing something different about the situation.

Is there a risk? Of course, you can’t control his actions or reactions. But, doing nothing — or doing the same old thing — is a much bigger risk to the success or failure of relationships.

So, if you’re wondering if your husband still loves or has checked out and no longer cares, here are 9 ways to fix your broken marriage.

9 Ways To Fix your broken marriage

1. Start saying “I love you” again

Tell him you love him every single day!

Why is it so hard to say I love you? Most people want to be romantic with their special someone, however, they find it hard to express themselves in a romantic manner. Why? Here are 6 Beautifully Romantic Ways To Say I Love You Without Actually Saying It

2. Give him sincere compliments

Notice what he does right and compliment him for it.

3. Bring hugging back into your life

Bridge the physical divide and give your man a hug.

Tomorrow, give him another.

4. Romance him a bit

Sprinkle his day with a few sweet, thoughtful gestures that show you’re paying attention to what makes him feel happy and loved!

Don’t make a big show of these gestures. Just subtly add them to his day.

5. Try being positive

Stop complaining about every small annoyance in your married life and in general. Looking on the bright side is contagious.

He’ll fall in love with you all over again!

6. Smile more

It’s hard to resist a woman with a sincere grin on her face.

If you care about him, say it with a smile and watch how fast he starts smiling back at you.

7. Take an interest in him

Be his best friend and listen to him with interest and enthusiasm.

8. Make nurturing yourself a priority

It’s great to appreciate how hard he works but learn how to appreciate your own effort, as well.

The more you take care of yourself, the more energy you’ll have for your relationship to grow and heal.

9. Show a little respect

When you treat him like a man, you’ll feel more like a woman.

Respect him as your man and watch the magic happen!

Read 25 Ways You Can Show Respect to Your Partner

Now that you know how to save your marriage, know that any relationship is not devoid of relationship problems. What matters is that you do everything you can to fix it while it’s still salvageable.

Written By Christy Whitman
Originally Appeared On Your Tango

9 Ways to Fix Your Broken Marriage  
9 Ways to Fix Your Broken Marriage

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