The Main Traits Of A Loving, Long Lasting Relationship

The Main Traits Of A Loving, Long Lasting Relationship2

The Main Traits Of A Loving, Long Lasting Relationship

There are few people you meet in a lifetime who match your energetic blueprint. Falling in love can happen easily, it’s a hormonal process in your body; sometimes it’s a magical process and sometimes it’s simply lust. But entering a lasting relationship, a connection of the heart, is sometimes a once in a lifetime affair.

You can chase your infatuations, your hormones or the rush of the sensation; you can run for connection when it comes too close but it will not make you happier than choosing for a lasting connection.

The important thing is: Are You mastering your own life?

Are you in ‘ Love’ with yourself? Do you embrace all your dark aspects? Can you look in the mirror and Love yourself, and feel the power within you? This is your soul. Do you pursue your dreams? Do you have self-respect; can you ‘ live’ with yourself?

Have you realized out you are no longer a victim of your life but actually the actor that is directing their own life?

If you hate it, embrace it. Write a new scenario tomorrow. You are not a victim, you make yourself a victim.

Step in the energy of God. You are NO longer victim of anything in Your life. Re-write the movie. Write down the only things that you do want in your life, and how you see your life shifts when you are at the highest potential of your Being.

You are the writer of the script that is called ‘Your life’. If you have mastered the pain, the depression, the illness and blocks down the road: You are ready for reflection. You are ready for a partnership with someone who understands that self-love comes from within.

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