Tarot Reading: Pick A Rose And Find Out What’s Next In Your Love Life


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Tarot Reading Pick A Rose

Merry Meet and welcome to another of our tarot reading pick a card. Hope you all have been doing well with all the energetic shifts that we are going through right now. Many of us are in the process of actively manifesting our twin flames and could feel their energies quite intensely.

Regardless of wherever you are in your twin flame journey, today’s love reading is meant to throw some light on what’s in store for you regarding your love life. If you don’t identify with the term twin flame, then you can take this reading to know about your next romantic partner.

Today, you will have 3 options to choose from. You have 3 beautiful roses in front of you. From right to left, choose 1, 2, or 3. Pick the one that appeals to you the most. Listen to your instinct and don’t make a choice based on your favorite color. Take all the time that you need. You may meditate or call upon your spiritual team for guidance.

Tarot Reading Pick A Card For Your Future In Love

Once you pick your option, scroll down to your selected love reading below. You can choose more than one rose if you want.

Pick A Card Tarot Reading For Those Who Chose Rose Number 1

The Empress, Three Of Swords, and Three Of Pentacles in Upright Position.

If you are in a third-party situation, you will choose to remain in your power and not lower your standards or compromise with your values. Respect to you for remaining strong and dealing with the situation with so much grace, grit, and determination. You will eventually be able to come out of this dysfunctional dynamic and channel your energy to your work and social life. In your professional life, you will be appreciated for what you bring to the table. Good times with friends, parties, and a lot of new communications are on the horizon for you.

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Pick A Card Tarot Reading For Those Who Chose Rose Number 2

Eight Of Swords, The Emperor, and The Star

Good news is heading towards you. The challenges and restrictions that have been keeping you shackled for so long are about to fade away into oblivion. You are most likely to meet someone soon who will become the most important person for you and you might even decide to tie the knot after some time. Your wishes are going to be fulfilled so don’t cling on to any past baggage or expectations about what an ideal relationship should look like. Instead, open up and receive the blessings that are going to be bestowed upon you.

If you are already in a happy and stable relationship, take this as a confirmation that you are with the right person.

Pick A Card Tarot Reading For Those Who Chose Rose Number 3

Nine Of Pentacles, The Magician, Six Of Cups

If things do not go according to plan, you are going to pick yourself up and focus on your career and self-development. As a result, you will be able to build a strong foundation for yourself as far as your finances and material abundance is concerned. You will not let disappointments ruin your chances of happiness and success. With this empowered approach for life, you will be able to co-create with the Universe and manifest a lot of prosperity. A new phase of life is about to start for you which has a very strong link with your past life. If you have been drawn to pile number 1, you might want to check it out as well.

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Let This Pick A Card Tarot Reading Show You The Light

Love is a journey and like any journey, it has its ups and downs. We do not end our journey when we hit an unexpected roadblock, rather try to move past it with planning and care. The same goes for your future in love.

As always, take the message that resonates with you and leave the rest behind. Do not try to fit a message forcefully. If things are dark right now, glow up your path with your bright inner light and focus on self-improvement.

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Tarot Reading Pick Rose

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