The Epic Romance You’ll Have in 2022, Based On Your Birth Month


epic romance 2022

With 2021 coming to an end, it’s time for a fresh start, don’t you think? If you have been waiting for that special someone for forever now, 2022 might be the year you get all your romance and love dreams fulfilled. Yes, you are going to have an epic romance in 2022!

Love and passion are emotions we all want to feel with someone else. Human beings are social animals who crave affection and the feeling of being special to someone else. No matter how many times love hurts us, we still keep looking for more.

With the ending of the old year and the beginning of a new one, it is time to leave any and all heartache and mistakes in the past and prepare yourself for a fresh romance in 2022 that will take your breath away and change your life forever.

Astrologers predict that 2022 will be a good year for love and romance all around. Here are the signs and people you’ll need to watch out for based on your birth month.

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Here Is The Epic Romance In 2022 You’ll Have Based On Your Birth Month

1. January

romance in 2022 january

People around you admire your ambition and hard work but the person you’ll fall for in 2022 will serve to remind you that there is more to life than work. They’ll do everything they can to help you achieve your goals but they will also make you relax and care for yourself.

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2. February

romance in 2022 february

This romance in 2022 will come as a surprise because you’ll fall for a person you’ve already known for quite some time but haven’t viewed in that way till now.

They’ll arouse your interest in such a relaxed manner that you won’t realize it till it hits you. They’ll love you for your energy and light but will also help you by encouraging you to express yourself better and take risks at times. Safe to say, your love life in 2022 will flourish!

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3. March

romance in 2022 march

Your love horoscope 2022 says that after a long time, you’ll meet someone who will want to make you happy. With them, you’ll never have to disregard your own needs like you’ve been doing all this while.

This person will want to look after you and do whatever brings you joy without expecting any rewards. You’ll fall for them hard and fast.

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4. April

romance in 2022 april

You’ve always been quite self-aware and sure of your opinions. This intimidates people but now you’ll meet someone who will make you feel like you don’t have to tone yourself down for their sake.

Earlier you might have felt a little apprehensive about the way you are always ready to express yourself honestly and at times bluntly but this person will see this as one of your best qualities.

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5. May

romance in 2022 may

You’ve always been someone who’s determined, dedicated, and always up and about. Your bucket list is huge and you are constantly traveling. But you need an anchor and your love prediction 2022 says you’ll meet the person who will help you become grounded.

Earlier you’ve always had a feeling that your partner is holding you back from doing your best but now the person you’ll meet will make it seem possible to achieve great things while settling down at the same time.

6. June

romance in 2022 june

The upcoming year will give you the relationship you’ve dreamed of for a long time. You’ll meet someone kind and caring who never loses your interest or makes you feel restless.

This person will be understanding enough to know that underneath all your humor, you’re incredibly vulnerable. They’ll make you feel comfortable enough to open up to them about anything and everything.

7. July

romance in 2022 july

There’s a magnetism about you that makes it easy for others to befriend you. But in reality, you find it difficult to open yourself up to someone enough to be in a romantic relationship.

In your romance in 2022, you’ll suddenly find a spark between yourself and someone you never thought you’d have feelings for. You’ll find yourself head over heels in love because this person makes you feel like you can trust them and their presence is enough to make you feel lighter and rejuvenated.

8. August

romance in 2022 august

Born a natural leader, you have more than enough confidence and you get your own way most of the time. Your love life in 2022 will take a turn when you will meet a person who will actually call you out when you’re wrong but will cherish and respect you at the same time.

They won’t let you walk all over them and they’ll ensure that you treat them as an equal partner in your relationship. You’ll no longer be able to have everything your way.

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9. September

romance in 2022 september

You’ve been hurt before and in an effort to protect yourself, you’ve distanced yourself from all your earlier partners preferring to find some reason to leave them before you get in too deep.

But now you’ll find someone who’ll make you feel like they’re worth any pain that you might face later. Their presence will make you feel like you’ve been given new life and you won’t be frightened at the intensity of your emotions.

10. October

romance in 2022 october

Your individuality and sense of self have always been very important to you. This makes you hesitant to enter relationships because you’re scared that you will no longer be your own person.

For your romance in 2022, you’ll meet someone who will help you remain who you really are and will encourage you to explore your personality even without them. You will be able to work as a team while retaining your individuality.

11. November

romance in 2022 november

The sheer level of intelligence and creativity you possess sometimes makes it hard for you to open up to others because you are very much your own person.

According to your love horoscope 2022, you’ll finally meet someone who can keep pace with you. This person will be able to deal with your energetic personality and you’ll never feel like you have to justify yourself to them. They will love you without making you feel like they’re holding you down.

12. December

romance in 2022 december

Rationality and practicality have always been your watchwords and you’ve always lived in a controlled manner. Your love prediction 2022 says that you’ll meet a person who makes your world go topsy-turvy but in a wonderful way.

They’ll help bring out your own brand of subtle humor while always letting you have space when you really need it. They’ll help you find your spontaneity and prevent you from overthinking everything. They won’t be scared to anger you and will teach you to sometimes just go with your instincts.

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So, are you ready for your epic romance in 2022? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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