Horoscope 2022: Yearly Astrological Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign


horoscope 2022

“The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection…”– Carl Jung. The time to have a sneak peek at the year ahead is upon us!

As we are nearing the end of 2021, with eager anticipation we now look at the coming year for our horoscope 2022. We try to find out what the coming year has in store for us. The unstoppable change and shift in the universal consciousness, which started last year, is surely going to continue, however, you do not need to worry as nothing too intense is on the horizon. You will be well-advised to pay special attention to your relationships next year.

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Horoscope 2022: Astrological Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign

1. Aries (March 21 To April 19)

astrological predictions for horoscope aries

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: The next year can be the defining period for your future. The insights that you will gather in this period will shape your life.

According to your horoscope 2022, Jupiter will be governing your first and twelfth house, influencing your spirituality and sense of self, respectively. It will be a good time to go inward and contemplate more. Sharing your knowledge and blessings with your community is strongly suggested.

Devote the beginning of 2022 to curate your personal connections. Your close relationships will have a significant impact on all aspects of your life. So be mindful of who you choose to keep in your life and why.

The coming Venus Retrograde will compel you to reboot your career and finance choices. As Jupiter rules over blessings like abundance and prosperity, it will be a good idea to take action on your desired career goals after 10th May, when Jupiter will be in your sign.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that the coming year will make you ready for the long run. Before May, you must take stock of your overall life, so that when Jupiter reaches your sign in May, you can reap its rewards and become the best version of yourself.

  • Lucky Number: 9 and 6
  • Lucky Color: Red and Yellow.
  • Luckiest Months: May, June, July, August, September, and October.
  • Advice for 2022: Be sure of what you want in your life and whom you want to be with.

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2. Taurus (April 20 To May 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope taurus

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: This will be a year of transformation for you Taurus! You will see the perks of being flexible and becoming a little less stubborn.

The solar and lunar eclipses that will fall on April 30 and November 8 respectively in your sign, will make you more dynamic. Your new year prediction says that, people will start noticing you more and this will improve your self-image.

As Jupiter reaches your eleventh house and then aligns with Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune between February and May, you will be enriched with new community connections and relationships. You will be the center of attention and go on a lot of trips with new friends.

The personal growth that you will achieve this new year will go hand in glove with your career progression. Your boss will notice the new you and you will be able to reach new heights at your work. New prospects and stability in finances and work are foretold for your new year prediction.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that once you start getting people’s attention, you will start opening up more, and as a result, you will make a lot of progress in both your personal and professional ventures.

  • Lucky Number: 11 and 7
  • Lucky Color: Pink, White, and Green.
  • Luckiest Months: February, April, May, and November.
  • Advice for 2022: A little more flexibility will give you a lot of new friends, travel plans, and work opportunities.

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3. Gemini (May 21 To June 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope gemini

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: A lot of changes are on the cards. You will need to explore uncharted territory but fret not, as all your efforts are bound to pay back.

Gemini, you will need to collaborate with different teams and hatch up plans that may not seem to be feasible to you. Your horoscope 2022 advises you to commit to your goals and persevere in all the new directions.

When it comes to relationships, you need to take it slow and easy. Let bygones be bygones and let yourself free from past baggage. Self-love is important right now and once you have mastered the art of enjoying your company, new relationships will show up.

The first half of 2022 will see Jupiter in your tenth house, influencing your career. Your creativity will flow but there might be sudden changes at work, in your projects, or your tasks. You are likely to get very busy with your job responsibilities.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that you will be thrust into a lot of changes and you will become super busy with a lot of new projects. Be open to new challenges as you will come out as a winner every time.

  • Lucky Number: 3 and 5
  • Lucky Color: Yellow, Green, Pink, and White, 
  • Luckiest Months: January, May, and September.
  • Advice for 2022: As you get pulled into different directions and asked to shoulder several opportunities, make time for relaxation to avoid getting burned out.

4. Cancer (June 21 To July 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope cancer

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: The coming year will bring forth a lot of changes that will urge you to come out of your comfort zone and overcome obstacles with grit.

According to your new year prediction, 2022 will be a balancing act for you Cancer! You will need to let go of a lot of stuff that is not functional anymore and simultaneously you will have to focus on other things that need your attention.

You will need to be less clingy and demanding in your personal connections. Moreover, you might have to change your perspective about your and others’ roles in all your relationships. It will serve you better if you become more flexible and less needy.

During the last half of the year, as Jupiter moves into your tenth house, your career will see a surge of good luck! You might get chosen for leadership roles at work.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that though you will need to challenge your own perspectives regarding your relations, you will attain awareness as a result. Also, career and finances will be promising this year.

  • Lucky Number: 3, 25, and 18.
  • Lucky Color: White, cream, silver, gray.
  • Luckiest Months: April, May, October, and November.
  • Advice for 2022: Once you come out of your comfort zone and work on your neediness, you will be blessed with more stable and secure relationships.

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5. Leo (July 21 To Aug 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope leo

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: The year ahead will see you, like a phoenix, emerging from an older self into a new and improved version.

The year might feel too much for you at the start. You will be presented with a lot of personal and professional projects, which will demand your focus and commitment. But take heart, after the initial period of being overwhelmed, you will be blessed with a lot of rewards!

You have done work on yourself! You are now clear on what you want and what you will never entertain in terms of partners. You are okay being single until you meet the right one. You have cleansed your love space and now new and positive love energies will flow into your life.

In January the Venus retrograde in your sixth house will positively impact your career and finances. Your new year prediction says, will be given the right platform to showcase your talents. Work opportunities will keep coming in and you will be on top of your game.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that with the beginning of the new year your work and relationships will improve. You will be blessed with abundance in both personal and professional life.

  • Lucky Number: 1 and 9.
  • Lucky Color: Golden Yellow, Orange, and Purple.
  • Luckiest Months: April, May, October, and November.
  • Advice for 2022: Seek spirituality when you feel overwhelmed with work commitments. Your spiritual practices will ground you and empower you to perform better.

6. Virgo (Aug 21 To Sep 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope virgo

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: You will get plenty of time and scope to enjoy with your significant other this coming year. You might also spend a lot of time with friends.

Your horoscope 2022 sees that, the next year will be a blow of intrepid energy that will egg you on to get involved in a lot of fun activities. Your cultural knowledge will get a glow-up as the Nodes of Destiny and Uranus impact your ninth house, which governs philosophy.

You might want to fine-tune your closest relationships as there are times when you have been rigid and stubborn. If you want to make the most of the fun time the year ahead is bringing, heal what needs to be healed between you and your partner.

As until May 10, Jupiter will be in your seventh house, contracts and agreements might turn out to be very profitable for your work. You might also get a chance to go abroad for a seminar or a class.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that, in the year ahead, there will be a lot of opportunities to travel and engage in cultural activities. You will learn a lot of stuff and grow as a person.

  • Lucky Number: 6
  • Lucky Color: Green, Blue, White, and Yellow.
  • Luckiest Months: January, February, March, April, and May.
  • Advice for 2022: If you can be vulnerable and heal your relationship with your loved one, you will get ample opportunities to travel, learn, and engage in fun activities in the coming year.

7. Libra (Sep 21 To Oct 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope libra

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: You will let people in and accept help and care as you cleanse the residual negativities from your past relationships.

Although you have been functional and productive with your life, it will be a good time to make some healthy habits, heal your emotional wounds, and gear up for a new love. Jupiter will be in Aries from May till October, and this will speed up things in your love life.

The new year prediction for your sign says that, Libra, you will need a period to rest and get your energies back before you jump back on the dating ride. An interlude will serve you best when you heal your heart and get ready to accept a new partner in your life.

For the first part of 2022, Jupiter will be in Pisces, and this will work wonders for your creative projects. Also, your finances and savings will significantly improve due to the eclipses in Scorpio as well as Taurus.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that, as you recover and move on with your life, you will need to accept the help and support of your peers. Once you bounce back from your trauma, your love life will speed up.

  • Lucky Number: 3 and 5
  • Lucky Color: White, Pink, and Light Blue.
  • Luckiest Months: May through December.
  • Advice for 2022: Release your past hurt and heal your soul in order to receive the blessings of love and happiness. 

8. Scorpio (Oct 21 To Nov 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope scorpio

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: The year ahead will propel you to undergo self-transformation. As your relationships are shifting, you too need a revamped approach.

It has been a long time since you felt passionate about someone or something. Relations around you are going through changes and you have lost enthusiasm to pursue anything as you keep hitting one wall after another. But don’t give up now, as things are going to change soon.

Scorpio, you have paid your dues! You have been single or in unhappy relationships for a long time now, but you never let that bog you down. You went on living your life focussing on your work and self-development, and now the time has come for the universe to reward you with a new and exciting love story.

The first half of the new year will see Jupiter moving into Pisces, causing your finances to improve by leaps and bounds. Your savings, earnings, and investments will become your priority, as well as any creative pursuits you might be interested in. Your career will go through a transformation and all for the better.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that transformation will be the key to your personal development in the next year. Both your personal and professional life will be generously favored by the cosmos.

  • Lucky Number: 4 and 7
  • Lucky Color: Red, White, and Brown.
  • Luckiest Months: January through June
  • Advice for 2022: As you reinvent your life next year, pay attention to the signs and synchronicities that the universe will send your way to direct you to the right path.

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9. Sagittarius (Nov 21 To Dec 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope sagittarius

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: The next year is going to be very busy for you and so you will need to schedule some time off and make rest and self-care a necessity.

You will be presented with a lot of fresh opportunities and meet a bunch of new people next year. Your plate will be full of too many responsibilities and commitments. A number of projects and relationships are coming up for you.

As someone who has had their fair share of bad relationships, you will exercise caution in choosing your beau the year ahead. You will also balance your personal needs, resources, energy, and time to set healthy boundaries. The relations you will attract in 2022 will be conducive to your overall well-being.

The Venus Retrograde happening at the beginning of the new year will bring your focus on your cash flow. You might reconsider asking for a hike in your salary or professional fees. The two eclipses in your sixth house might bring about sudden changes at work.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that the coming year will bring a lot of positive changes for your work and finances. Personally, you will benefit from a changed perspective regarding relationships and self-love.

  • Lucky Number: 3 and 8
  • Lucky Color: Orange and Yellow.
  • Luckiest Months: January through April.
  • Advice for 2022: You should make it a point to get enough sleep and rest if you want to cope up with the responsibilities of next year’s fast-paced life.

10. Capricorn (Dec 21 To Jan 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope capricorn

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: Mars in Capricorn will urge you to set and meet defined objectives. You will need the love and support of your near and dear ones.

You have been a lone wolf for the most part of your life; however, the universe is asking you to open up and let people in now. Next year will be challenging and it will make you work hard to achieve your goals. You won’t be able to make it without your loved ones.

Your new year prediction is foreseeing you cleaning up your act regarding dating and relationships and general. Once you are clear with what you want you will have a smooth sail with your partner and family members.

The New Moon in your sign, on 1st Jan, right in the middle of the Venus Retrograde, will blow up your earned income and contracts. The next New Moon in Pisces on 2nd March will bring forth lucky breaks in work and a chance to enter profitable business negotiations.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that work will hold an important position in the next year. Celestial movements will make your career and finances level up, forcing you to work hard.

  • Lucky Number: 2 and 8
  • Lucky Color: Purple, Black, Green, and Dark Brown.
  • Luckiest Months: January and March.
  • Advice for 2022: As your responsibility grows, open up and seek comfort from your family, friends, and partner.

11. Aquarius (Jan 21 To Feb 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope aquarius

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: This new year will see you more grounded and aligned with your true self. Your intuition will get more heightened.

Jan through June will make you stay mindfully present regarding your tasks at hand. You will be checking them off as you go to the next and your life will be a cakewalk due to your focus and attuned mind.

Your dating life will take a back seat at the beginning of 2022 and family will be your priority. According to your new year prediction, the middle of the year will bring some action in the dating department. The romantic encounters will be less intense and more fun though.

Jupiter will be in your second house from Jan through June. Moreover, in May and in October, there will be two Scorpio eclipses in your tenth house, that rules your work. As a result, there will be a huge beneficial shift in your career in finances.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that, you are becoming more responsible, stable, and focussed in all the aspects of your life. As a result, your family relations, work, and money are getting a glow-up.

  • Lucky Number: 24
  • Lucky Color: Purple, Light Blue, and White.
  • Luckiest Months: January through June and October.
  • Advice for 2022: According to your horoscope 2022, it will do you good if you contemplate more and remain grounded in the present.

12. Pisces (Feb 21 To Mar 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope pisces

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: With Jupiter and Neptune meeting and Venus visiting your sign between April and May, you will manifest a lot of abundance in 2022.

If you feel that inspiration has fizzled out of your life and your current tribe doesn’t reflect your authentic vibes, take heart, as the year ahead will bring your soul tribe and a lot of passion and motivation.

You are going to attract true connections in your love life as well. You deserve a partner who will be attentive and caring to your needs. You will let go of relations that no longer resonate with you and manifest a significant other who will be compassionate and loving.

As Jupiter will be in your first house for the most part of the new year, your sense of self will be enhanced, compelling you to get in touch with your truest desires. With a clear vision, you will attract influential contacts and potential mentors, who will help your career advance.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that, with an aligned self and favorable planetary movements, the new year will be a great period for manifestations and receiving blessings.

  • Lucky Number: 7 and numbers that add up to 7, such as 16, 34, and so on.
  • Lucky Color: Orange, Yellow, Pink, and White.
  • Luckiest Months: May through August, November, and December.
  • Advice for 2022: As per your new year prediction, 2022 will be a very potent time to manifest your desires, so be clear about the intentions you are sending out to the universe.

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Be The Change You Want To See

Adopt the best practices and pay close attention to how you are living your daily life. If you are clear in your mind about what your best life should look like, it will be easier to receive the blessings.

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