Horoscope 2022: Yearly Astrological Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign

horoscope 2022 predictions for each zodiac sign

“The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection…”– Carl Jung. The time to have a sneak peek at the year ahead is upon us!

As we are nearing the end of 2021, with eager anticipation we now look at the coming year for our horoscope 2022. We try to find out what the coming year has in store for us. The unstoppable change and shift in the universal consciousness, which started last year, is surely going to continue, however, you do not need to worry as nothing too intense is on the horizon. You will be well-advised to pay special attention to your relationships next year.

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Horoscope 2022: Astrological Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign

1. Aries (March 21 To April 19)

astrological predictions for horoscope aries
Horoscope 2022: Yearly Astrological Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: The next year can be the defining period for your future. The insights that you will gather in this period will shape your life.

According to your horoscope 2022, Jupiter will be governing your first and twelfth house, influencing your spirituality and sense of self, respectively. It will be a good time to go inward and contemplate more. Sharing your knowledge and blessings with your community is strongly suggested.

Devote the beginning of 2022 to curate your personal connections. Your close relationships will have a significant impact on all aspects of your life. So be mindful of who you choose to keep in your life and why.

The coming Venus Retrograde will compel you to reboot your career and finance choices. As Jupiter rules over blessings like abundance and prosperity, it will be a good idea to take action on your desired career goals after 10th May, when Jupiter will be in your sign.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that the coming year will make you ready for the long run. Before May, you must take stock of your overall life, so that when Jupiter reaches your sign in May, you can reap its rewards and become the best version of yourself.

  • Lucky Number: 9 and 6
  • Lucky Color: Red and Yellow.
  • Luckiest Months: May, June, July, August, September, and October.
  • Advice for 2022: Be sure of what you want in your life and whom you want to be with.

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2. Taurus (April 20 To May 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope taurus
Horoscope 2022: Yearly Astrological Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: This will be a year of transformation for you Taurus! You will see the perks of being flexible and becoming a little less stubborn.

The solar and lunar eclipses that will fall on April 30 and November 8 respectively in your sign, will make you more dynamic. Your new year prediction says that, people will start noticing you more and this will improve your self-image.

As Jupiter reaches your eleventh house and then aligns with Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune between February and May, you will be enriched with new community connections and relationships. You will be the center of attention and go on a lot of trips with new friends.

The personal growth that you will achieve this new year will go hand in glove with your career progression. Your boss will notice the new you and you will be able to reach new heights at your work. New prospects and stability in finances and work are foretold for your new year prediction.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that once you start getting people’s attention, you will start opening up more, and as a result, you will make a lot of progress in both your personal and professional ventures.

  • Lucky Number: 11 and 7
  • Lucky Color: Pink, White, and Green.
  • Luckiest Months: February, April, May, and November.
  • Advice for 2022: A little more flexibility will give you a lot of new friends, travel plans, and work opportunities.

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3. Gemini (May 21 To June 20)

astrological predictions for horoscope gemini
Horoscope 2022: Yearly Astrological Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign

Overall New Year Prediction for 2022: A lot of changes are on the cards. You will need to explore uncharted territory but fret not, as all your efforts are bound to pay back.

Gemini, you will need to collaborate with different teams and hatch up plans that may not seem to be feasible to you. Your horoscope 2022 advises you to commit to your goals and persevere in all the new directions.

When it comes to relationships, you need to take it slow and easy. Let bygones be bygones and let yourself free from past baggage. Self-love is important right now and once you have mastered the art of enjoying your company, new relationships will show up.

The first half of 2022 will see Jupiter in your tenth house, influencing your career. Your creativity will flow but there might be sudden changes at work, in your projects, or your tasks. You are likely to get very busy with your job responsibilities.

Your annual horoscope 2022 sums up that you will be thrust into a lot of changes and you will become super busy with a lot of new projects. Be open to new challenges as you will come out as a winner every time.

  • Lucky Number: 3 and 5
  • Lucky Color: Yellow, Green, Pink, and White, 
  • Luckiest Months: January, May, and September.
  • Advice for 2022: As you get pulled into different directions and asked to shoulder several opportunities, make time for relaxation to avoid getting burned out.
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