The Main Cause of Your Unhappiness Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you know your zodiac sign could be the reason for your unhappiness? 

The planets do not want any of us to be unhappy. But sometimes, our own personality traits lead us into a pit of unhappiness. We do not know what the right way is or we tend to forget ourselves along the road. Either way, we become sad because life doesn’t turn out to be what we thought it would be.

However, astrology has come to our help, and now we can understand what kind of unhappiness plagues us, according to our zodiac signs.

Cautionary Note:  Depression and being unhappy is not the same. Unhappiness may go away within one or two days but depression continues to stay for a long time. If you are depressed, you might need therapy, medication or both.

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zodiac signs and unhappiness

1. Aries

Not pushing yourself is the reason why you are so unhappy. You are already in a routine and you think that it is the best thing for you. But inside, you know that it is not working out. If you don’t bring any change in your life, then maybe it will become worse. So, take a step back and move out of your comfort zone. Remember, life begins outside your comfort zone.

2. Taurus

You try to control everything, including people, even though, if you think about it, there are certain things in life that you cannot control. By trying to make people think in your way, you are just paving the path towards failure. Plus, you are expending half of your energy and ability in trying to control others and losing most of your time there. So, relax and deal with whatever you have rather than trying to control everything.

3. Gemini

There’s nothing wrong about being social, but when you overdo it, that’s when things start to get worse. You already have this fear of missing out and so you go out of your way to attend parties and social events that will just leave you exhausted. Take some time-out, stay at home, and try to relax. It will do you wonders.

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4. Cancer

Stop trying to be a saint. Being empathetic has gone all wrong for you- you are too much of a giver. But the problem is that when you give so much away, you fail to keep some for yourself and thus you are left with nothing. There’s no doubt that when you are dealing with so many emotions, you will feel overwhelmed, which causes unhappiness. But try to direct some of your empathy towards yourself. Help yourself and after that, you can try to help others. And don’t help everybody – not everyone deserves it.

5. Leo

While you do have your lion pride, somewhere, you are still worried about what others might be thinking about you. When you are continuously worried about other people and what their thoughts are, it just puts immense pressure on you. You have to be honest and genuine but if you are always going about your life trying to impress others, how are you going to be YOU? Accept yourself for who you are and show the world.

6. Virgo

You always try to keep everything within yourself. You have always wanted a perfect life and you would like to keep your image as a perfectionist. The result: you don’t express yourself properly. This will keep you under a lot of stress and as long as you keep suppressing your emotions, it will end up making you apathetic. You like to help people and your friends want to help too – so why not accept their help?

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