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5 Struggles Of A Cold Person With A Sensitive Soul

Struggles Cold Person With Sensitive Soul

Do you often want to express your true emotions but end up being indifferent in public? Chances Are You’re A Cold Person With A Sensitive Soul

Not all sensitive people are open and interactive. Some of them are also quiet and reserved. A few of them again are silent not by choice, but by compulsion. They desperately want to express their feelings, want people to hear them, but are hesitant to do so.

There are reasons behind them living a reclusive life. Some of it partly stems from childhood trauma, while some face rejections and other emotional hardships that eventually compel them to coil back into their solitary shells.

Here Are 5 struggles of a cold person with a sensitive soul

1. You Want To Share Your Feelings, But End Up Concealing Them

I Was Born With A Soul That is Way Too Sensitive For This Cold Ugly World
5 Struggles Of A Cold Person With A Sensitive Soul

Whether you have been a cold person all along or experience made you so if you’re sensitive at your heart, you’ll be able to relate to this. You’ll have millions of thoughts crowding your mind, and want to share them. But due to your emotional state, you keep hesitating.

You restrain from expressing what you truly feel. You end up giving a cold expression as if nothing has happened. This situation is highly painful, as the emotions keep gathering up in your soul, but are not getting the opportunity to be released.

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2. You Never Let Anyone Catch You Struggling With Your Emotions

5 Struggles Of A Cold Person With A Sensitive Soul
Being a Cold Person

Your conscious mind considers your strong emotions to be a sign of weakness. But your subconscious knows how badly you want to let it all out. This endless tussle between the conscious and the subconscious creates an emotional struggle that you are too hesitant to display in public.

People pass by, yet fail to see the emotional storm raging in you. You think if anyone catches you shedding a drop, they’ll make fun of you and consider you an emotionally vulnerable person. You make all possible attempts to conceal your struggles, even at the cost of your emotional health.

3. You Appear Insensitive To People

Highly Sensitive People Are Too Often Perceived As Weaklings Or Damaged Goods
Signs of A Cold Hearted Person

Since you maintain a cold hearted persona and remain unmoved by emotional fluctuations, people take you as an insensitive soul. But they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not that your soul is insensitive, it is your means of exhibiting your feelings that build an impression of utter coldness.

Since people fail to see the struggle in you, they are never able to comprehend your emotionally sensitive nature. All they see is a person indifferent to emotional fluctuations and someone who responds to circumstances with sheer coldness. To them, you’re someone who lacks empathy and a basic level of compassion for humans.

4. You Do Get Hurt, Badly, But Not A Single Person Gets To Know

Sensitive People Should Be Treasured
What Causes A Cold Personality

Contrary to the popular belief, a cold person with a sensitive heart not only gets hurt but has a high chance of getting emotionally scarred. Only a true empath can sense your soul. The rest of the public would be completely opaque to the difficulties you’re going through.

As a sensitive soul, when someone hurts you, your mind pleads you to break down, but your conviction keeps you from venting your true feelings. You cannot even communicate to the abuser how much you’ve been hurt. You think that there’s practically no one on earth that will take you seriously.

You think people are devoid of emotional purity to qualify as true empaths. Hence, you keep suppressing your feelings even when you’re seriously hurt or traumatized.

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5. Even When You Do Communicate, You Struggle To Fully Express

I'm Such An Incredibly, Stupidly Sensitive Person That Everything That Happens To Me
What Makes Person Cold Hearted

Suppose you meet the right person and feel convinced about opening up. You feel that this person can understand your feelings and start communicating your emotions to them.

Now, given your fully functional conviction, there are two ways things can go. Either you’ll find it extremely difficult to express from the very beginning. You’ll stammer, hesitate, overthink, be at a loss of words. Or you find the person not being able to relate and empathize with your situation, prompting you to stop sharing any further.

You feel shattered knowing that the person you considered sensitive enough has turned out to be the wrong one. This in turn makes you believe that meeting the right person is a myth, thus fueling your hesitation to open up the next time. You keep regressing into your solitary shell thus detaching yourself from the world.

Struggles Of A Cold Person With A Sensitive Soul pinterest
Cold Person With Sensitive Soul
5 Struggles Of A Cold Person With A Sensitive Soul
Struggles Cold Person With Sensitive Soul pin
5 Struggles Of A Cold Person With A Sensitive Soul

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