Why Staying Near Water Makes You Happy: Science Explains

Reasons Why Staying Near Water Makes You Happy

5. Water Is A Rich Source of Negative Ions

The effects of positive and negative ions on our well-being have been considered to impact how we feel. Positive ions are emitted by electrical appliances such as computers, microwaves, and hairdryers that drains us of our natural energy whereas negative ions are generated by waterfalls, sea beach, and thunderstorms.

The highest concentration of negative ions is found in nature and these ions improve our cell metabolism, remove allergens or toxic substances from our body, purify our blood, and they balance the autonomic nervous system to promote deep sleep and relaxation. 

The rich amount of negative ions in the atmosphere accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen, balance levels of serotonin (the chemical linked to mood and stress), and contributes towards rejuvenating the mind and improving alertness and concentration.

6. Taking A Natural Dip

Not only does being near water increase your sense of well-being, but being submerged in a natural source of water such as the sea or a lake invigorates your body greatly. The blue color of the water is significant because blue is associated with tranquility and peace. Some psychologists say that dark blue color has stress management quality that encourages calmness.

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So, submerging yourself in blue water provides a soothing effect on our nerves and refreshes the body both mentally and physically by relieving muscle tension.

If you’re looking to unwind your mind, then search for some blue space – whether you’re lucky enough to visit the ocean or just sitting near your local fountain, water has a powerful influence on the brain and can boost your mental clarity, capacity, happiness, and well-being.


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