10 Sources Of Low Self-Esteem And How They Manifest

Sources Low SelfEsteem

10. Society and the Media.

It’s no secret that people in media are packaged and airbrushed into unrealistic levels of beauty and thinness. It’s an epidemic that’s only getting worse. Now, males and females alike feel they can’t measure up to what’s out there. Maybe the seeds of low self-esteem are sown elsewhere, but now society and the media make imperfections so immediately accessible, there is no relief from feelings of inadequacy.

As media access is available, younger and younger kids are subjected to these unfair comparisons earlier and earlier.

Of course, each of these sources of low self-esteem merits an infinite number of posts. It is, however, most important to understand that experiencing any of these early circumstances doesn’t mean you must be bound by them as an adult. They will be woven into your fabric and absorbed into your sense of yourself in different ways over time, but there are many paths to feeling that you are better prepared, less fragmented, and more confident moving forward.

As an adult, when you examine your history, you can begin to see that in some cases the derision or intense negative messages you encountered weren’t necessarily meant for you. Rather, they flowed from the circumstances of the people who delivered them. That perspective can help you to dilute the power of the negative messages about yourself you received and formed.

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Furthermore, understanding that you are not alone in your experience can help decrease the extent to which you feel isolated and shameful.

There are some circumstances you may have suffered that may be impossible to understand. You can’t and aren’t expected to understand, empathize, or forgive in these circumstances. What matters most is continuing to find ways to feel as okay and as safe as you can in your own life right now.

The more you understand the sources of your low self-esteem and can put them into context, the more you can use your self-understanding to begin the process of repairing self-esteem.

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Written By Suzanne Lachmann 
Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

If you have ever experienced low self-esteem because of these sources, then know that you are not alone in this and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your life is not over and your low self-esteem doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. Try to understand why you have low self-esteem, and work with it to gain a better understanding of yourself.

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10 Sources Of Low Self-Esteem And How They Manifest
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