17 Science-Backed Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think

reason you are smart then you think

Do you disagree when people call you smart? Do you feel you are a fool even when people call you wise? If yes, then it’s time to be sure of your intellect. This blog will ease your work. Check out the signs of smartness -based on scientific studies – that will prove you are smarter than you think. 

smart people underestimate their abilities
17 Science-Backed Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think

1. You’re Left-Handed

The right part of the brain – which is associated with creativity and emotional thinking –  is dominant in left-handed people. This is why lefties come up with novel ideas and are better at 3D perception and thinking. 

Also, they are pro at multitasking, because the conversations between the left and right sides of the brain happen more quickly in lefties when compared with their right-handed people.

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2. You Learned To Read Early

Early reading is also a sign of intelligence! Some of the famous smart people who learned to read early are Jonathan Swift (writer and poet), Bill Gates, who finished reading the entire World Book of Encyclopedia by the age 9) and Francis Galton – he was a child prodigy that was reading at age 2.

Stronger the reading skills in childhood higher the intelligence in adulthood, according to a 2012 study. Reading skills affect intellectual abilities. Those who learned to read early can increase verbal skills and reasoning abilities instead of another way round as most people think. 

3. You’re Curious

Do you have a hungry mind? Do you always look for new ideas? Pro at planning amazing surprises? Research reveals that people with high curiosity quotients are more inquisitive and have more knowledge acquisition over time. Their intellectual investment is more in the field of science and art, which plays a major role in cognitive growth and success in life.

And that is why probably Einstein said, “Curiosity is more important than intelligence.” So, if you are curious, then you are smart!

Curiosity is more important than intelligence
17 Science-Backed Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think

4. You’re Messy

Do you love messy life? You are quick at coming up with out-of-the-box ideas? Then you are smarter than those who love cleanliness and being organised. If you don’t believe there is scientific evidence to it. 

In a study published in Psychological Science 48 participants were asked to jot down unusual uses for a ping-pong ball. Surprisingly, 24 individuals working in neat and clean rooms could think of less creative responses than the participants working in messy rooms.

a messy room indicates creative thinking
17 Science-Backed Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think

The next time your mom yells at you for keeping your room untidy, tell her you are working on some creative and innovative project 

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5. You’ve Used Recreational Drugs

James W. White, Catharine R. Gale, and David Batty conducted a large cohort study involving 6,000 Brits born in 1958. The team found that those with a high IQ in childhood was highly likely to use illegal drugs in adulthood. 

smart people use recreational drugs
17 Science-Backed Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think

High intelligence can prompt people to consume alcohol, and substances that are harmful for health. Because often they associate intelligence with positive life outcomes. Smart and intelligent people don’t always do what is right, but only the evolutionarily novel thing. And if you know, the use of drugs dates back to about 5000 years ago. 

6. You’re A Night Owl

genes influence whether you are night owl or early bird
17 Science-Backed Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think

Do you night owls beat early birds in terms of intellect?

Considering the fact that “nocturnal activities” were rarer in the ancestral environment, smart people are likely to stay up late  because they “espouse evolutionarily novel values.”

7. You’re Anxious 

If you worry a lot, then you are smarter than others according to different studies on anxiety. Because smart people’s brain keeps browsing new information and keeps thinking a lot. And too much searching and thinking adds to stress and anxiety. Another reason could be that smart people are well-aware of self and environment, so they are quick in detecting threats, hence more anxiety.

people with anxiety perceive the world differently.
17 Science-Backed Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think
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