16 MUST USE Psychological Hacks Everyone Needs To Know!

Human psychology apparently seems extremely complicated. You might often find yourself in situations where you can’t understand how to deal with things.

We can’t read others’ minds too and hence decipher what others are thinking and how others might react.

This makes our life look like a mysterious puzzle.

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But the truth is, these seemingly complicated actions are results of chain reactions of certain simple things. If you can understand certain basic problems, the rest of the equations wouldn’t be too tough to handle.

Like language, the mind has its own grammar and own set of rules. There’s a particular pattern. You need to understand this language and apply it to our advantage.

This will make you psychologically powerful and it will be then easier for you to communicate with others.

Using powerful mental tools, you can become more socially acceptable, you can do well in interviews and get the best of everything and everyone.

The tricks are very simple and effective.

You should use these for your own benefit.

(1) Be confident; don’t feel nervous:

Always be confident. People try to take advantage of those who get nervous. Even if there are situations which make you feel nervous, stay calm.

Taking deep breaths and continuously telling yourself, ‘it’s okay, things will be fine’ boosts confidence. Chewing gum helps too.

It relaxes the stress of the jaws and diverts your mind away from the anxiety. Others around you will find you strong and will not know of your weakness.

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(2) Silence is the key:

Sometimes, silence is the best way to interact with people. Silence speaks a lot more than words. If you are angry at someone, stay silent.

The person will understand. After asking a question, stay silent. Generally, people don’t answer fully.

Keep an eye contact with the person and the person will keep on explaining because you are silent and you aren’t reacting; they will feel that they have not expressed themselves well. Soon, you will get the required information.


(3) Ignorance is the best policy:

If you feel someone is ill-treating you or demeaning you, the best policy is to ignore them. Human beings are social beings. They always expect other people to react.

Nobody likes talking to a wall. When people try to pull you down, be that wall for them.

They will keep on hurting you or demeaning if and when they will see that they can’t break you, they will eventually get tired and stop. In most cases, they will accept their guilt, too.


(4) Don’t lose your cool:

Always stay calm. Even if the other person screams at you, don’t reply. Maintain your modesty. Let the person say all the dirty, humiliating words.

When a person screams in fits of anger, they tend to spell out things going on their subconscious self. You will also get to know their dark thoughts too. Later, you might even use them to your advantage.


(5) Intellect attracts:

People admire intellectuals. Keep on honing your intellect. Be the smart one the group. The more you learn and upgrade yourself, the more you become better than others around you.

This will help you earn a respectable position. Others will look up to you and even approach you for advice.


(6) Be a good listener:

Listen to others carefully. This will help you gain trust over others. A good listener is always the secret-keeper. Everyone wants someone who will listen to them patiently.

Be that secret-keeper for all. Now you know how this can help you!


(7) Be a good observer:

Want to know who’s crushing on whom? Or who hates whom? Be the observer. Look into their eyes and their reactions.

People tend to laugh looking at the person they like or they wish to get close to. When people don’t like someone, they tend to avoid or remain silent.


(8) Don’t reveal your enmity:

It’s okay if you don’t like someone. But don’t express that in public. Don’t flash all of your cards at one go.

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Emilia Gordon
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