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25 Amazing Psychological Facts That Will Boggle Your Mind

Amazing Psychological Facts Boggle Mind

Psychology has always been a very interesting field, that has continued to intrigue people since time immemorial. There are some amazing psychological facts that can tremendously help you understand yourself and the people around you better.

Here’re Mind-Boggling Psychological Facts

amazing psychological facts tears natural pain killer

1. Tears contain a natural pain killer which reduces pain and improves your mood.

2. 90% of people text things they can’t say in person.

amazing psychological facts most creative

3. We are most creative at night and least creative in the afternoons.

amazing psychological facts dreams contain secret messages

4. 70% of your dreams contain secret messages. They carry more weight and meaning than your conscious thoughts.

amazing psychological facts stress cardiomyopathy

5. Do you know it is possible to die from a broken heart? It’s called stress cardiomyopathy.

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amazing psychological facts negativity bias

6. 98% of the time, when someone says they have to ask you a question, you recall all the bad things you’ve done recently. This is called negativity bias.

amazing psychological facts last person on mind

7. The very last person on your mind before you fall asleep is either the reason for your happiness or your pain.

8. An apple, onion, and potato are all taste the same if you eat them with your nose plugged.

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9. The longer you hide your feelings for someone, the harder you fall for that person.

10. During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

amazing psychological facts impossible to lie

11. If you love someone, your brain will find it impossible to lie to that person.-

amazing psychological facts people lying

12. People who are lying to you tend to look up and to their left.

13. The most common lie is “I’m fine”.

amazing psychological facts thinking foreign language

14. Thinking in a foreign language causes people to make more rational decisions.

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amazing psychological facts multitasking

15. Multitasking does not exist, at least not as we think about it. 

amazing psychological facts lose motivation

16. If you announce your goals to others, you are less likely to succeed. Studies confirm you lose motivation.

17. Women who have mostly male friends stay in a good mood more often.

18. Closing your eyes helps you remember things.

amazing psychological facts smarter you are

19. Intelligent people tend to have fewer friends than the average person. The smarter you are, the more selective you become.

amazing psychological facts pretending not to care

20. According to psychology, pretending not to care is usually the habit of someone who generally cares the most. 

amazing psychological facts people understand sarcasm

21. People who understand sarcasm well are often good at reading people’s minds.

amazing psychological facts sadness increases sleep

22. The happier you are, the less sleep you require to function in everyday life. Sadness increases the urge to sleep more.

23. The way a person treats restaurant staff reveals a lot about his personality.

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amazing psychological facts mind can sense

24. Our mind can sense someone staring at us even when asleep.

amazing psychological facts people look attractive

25. People look more attractive when they speak about the things they are really interested in.

25 Psychological Facts That Will Boggle Your Minds
25 Psychological Facts That Will Boggle Your Minds
Amazing Psychological Fact Boggle Mind PIN
Amazing Psychological Facts Boggle Mind PIN


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