5 Warning Signs Of A Low Vibration Person That You Must Not Ignore


Signs Of A Low Vibration Person: 5 Warning Signs To Fix ASAP

Can you detect the signs of a low vibration person? The following article will clear your doubts about the low vibration symptoms!

We are Energy. This is what we are made of, this is how we interact with the World. Magic is Energy, praying is energy, and Love is energy.

In terms of how creative and successful we are in putting this energy to good use, there is a term used in the Modern ‘New Age’ movement, called ‘Vibrations’.

Vibrations And Cosmos

As explicitly analyzed by Nixie Vale, “It’s not only our external interactions but our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions all affect our own frequency. What we create with our mind will be manifested, and that will change the reality in which we live.” 

In other words, there are so many reasons why our ‘vibrations’ are affected. Their frequency is influenced by us, our thoughts, our actions, and our emotions but it can also be influenced by others, by relations, by blessed ground, by spirits, etc.

Therefore, our vibrational frequency is ever changing and adopting to the energies both inside and around us.


High Priest of the Sacred Phoenix

There is no easy way to maintain a stable vibrational state unless you change yourself and detach from the expectations of the material plane. However, you can train to lift your vibrations as Nixie has clearly portrayed in her article How to Raise Your Vibration’.

Occultists believe that we are actually eternal, timeless beings being kinda ‘trapped’ in a world with low and heavy vibrations.

Although there are exceptions, like sacred sites and temples or even whole islands like Delos in Greece, we can actually create a sacred space and lift the vibrations transcending this plane.

Soon we will see this clearly in our Witch TV and how to do that.

Until then, let us tell you what Witches used to do.

  • They tried burning Dammar Resin to light the flame of hope even in their darkest hours. Dammar Resin, also known as the Cat’s Eye resin or damar, is a precious ingredient in Witchcraft since antiquity. Witches believed that it had the unique ability to light the flame of hope even in the darkest hours. This is why it was extensively used in ancient Egypt as an offering to the dead, so that hope never leaves them.
low vibration symptoms
You can fix your low vibrations
  • Also, to banish the negative vibes and invite hope, they created a special mix. They added equal parts of Benzoin, Brown Sugar, and dried Garlic. They burned it for 7 days to banish darkness from one’s residence. (Fair warning though… it doesn’t smell good. Yet, do all witchy cocktails need to smell like roses? Real Witchcraft sometimes smells like garlic 🙂
low vibration symptoms
You can fix your low vibrations

Signs Of A Low Vibration Person: What Witches Can Do?

Unfortunately, due to numerous reasons, we sometimes fall into the trap of a low vibrational frequency, diminishing our powers, our abilities, and our potential.

These are some common low vibration signs which actually reflect our ‘attachment’ to this heavy material plane or maybe some planes even lower than ours.  

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1. Demons of Self-pity

There is a reason why I’ve put this in the highest ranking possible. Witches, I need your full attention now.

If you EVER catch yourself feeling unworthy or inferior to others, or a ‘loser’, or maybe that you failed in life, this is the moment you know that this material plane has dragged you down!

We are NOT here to become famous, rich, or successful. Ok? Witches, we are here to learn and ascend to higher realms of Awareness.

Detach from this world’s expectations because there are built on false ground. Nothing here lasts forever, not money, not success, not even our bodies.

And you know what? Once you’ve actually learned that lesson, then success and money will most likely come too.  

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2. You’re Constantly Criticising and Blaming Others

This is actually no different than the previous point. When regrets and guilt freeze our will and our potential, it’s easier to blame others than ourselves.

Well Witches, if you ever catch yourself wanting so badly to criticize and blame others then this is a very clear sign that your vibrations have dropped deep. 

Criticism can be beneficial but if you are constantly in the mood for passing judgment then it’s merely an obsession.

What is right and wrong can sometimes be not clear and by passing judgment you actually ‘connect’ with each situation, putting your personal energy into it.

Break free from the low frequency emotions. Embrace the World and take responsibility for your Destiny. It’s the most empowering thing you can do!

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3. Laughter Bothers You

Have you ever caught yourself feeling that you do not belong with happy people? You may have also considered ‘how shallow must the be to laugh when there are so many problems in this world’, right?

Well, Witches, if thoughts like this bother your mind, then you probably have lowered your vibrations too much!

Laughter is not only an expression of joy, it is also a very strong tool to lift up your spirit and keep on with everything you do.

Witches use it a lot when they sense that their energy is drifting apart. Therefore, let yourself laugh and rejoice in the company of others around you!

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4. Fear Cripples Your Life

Although fear can sometimes be useful, especially when we start learning about the world, later it can be really bothersome not letting us express our full potential.

What are you really fearing? Are you afraid of Death? Well, we’ve got news for you. You are going to die whether you are afraid or not. But why waste your time fearing an inevitable fact? Death is not the end, it’s merely a new beginning!

Although we should keep our feet on the ground, we should also keep our eyes focused on the stars.

Yes, there are bad things that can happen to us, but this is why we are Witches. We can change any outcome we want as long it complies with the Laws of the Craft.

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5. Obsessed With Material Belongings & Sex

If your wardrobe is too big and too full at the same time this is a good hint. Do you also wake up with the thought of acquiring more property and ways to make more money?

Yet how do you use this money exactly? Do you use it to make more money, buy more things or do you use it for your spiritual evolution? Or maybe you are obsessing with hot men and women on Instagram?

Unfortunately, most people misuse sex & money and Witches often fall into this trap too. Never forget, money & sex is only a manifestation of Vital Energy in your life. Misuse it, and you actually misuse magical energy, falling further in vibrational levels.

Both sex and money are addictive. They are wonderful blessings but we should learn to use them to favor our lives and spirits.

Well? Can you relate?

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So, those were all the signs of a low vibration person. Now that you know all the signs of low vibration, and how to fix your frequency, keep vibing high!

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