Spiritual Rebirth: 13 Signs Of Awakening After A Dark Night Of The Soul


Spiritual Rebirth: 13 Clear Signs Of Your Awakening

Do you feel you’re being wrongly punished by the Universe or that the odds are always stacked against you? Maybe you’re being prepped for a spiritual rebirth!

What is Spiritual Rebirth?

Spiritual rebirth, also known as Spiritual Awakening, is a profound shift in consciousness that can bring about significant changes in our perception, views, and beliefs, and in turn, transform our way of life.

Spiritual rebirth is a drastic shift in our consciousness
Spiritual Rebirth: 13 Signs Of Awakening After A Dark Night Of The Soul

It is a process that deepens our connection to the divine or higher power and enables us to find a greater sense of purpose and meaning.

The spiritual rebirth process is like a metamorphosis, during which we abandon (actually, we get stripped off) the layers of our old skin of social conditioning, limiting beliefs, bias, insecurity, fear, and other toxic habits or behavior that prevent us from living up to our fullest potential.

The Dark Night of the Soul

Spiritual rebirth comes after spiritual death
Spiritual Rebirth: 13 Signs Of Awakening After A Dark Night Of The Soul

Spiritual awakening or ascension usually comes after a grueling series of hard Karmic lessons. We are forced to face our inner darkness or shadow self, encounter people who hurt us, and identify repeating patterns that keep us in a Karmic loop.

Such an experience is by no means a pleasurable one. But spiritual rebirth meaning is that we are reborn after death.

And death in spirituality stands for transformation and ego death. We experience spiritual death, that is, our past beliefs, thoughts, values, views, and ego die.

Such a phase of difficulties, pain, and setbacks is known as the Dark Night of the Soul! All the painful experiences that we are subjected to are meant to teach us valuable lessons that expedite our awakening.

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As our illusions die, we are humbled, we are brought to our knees and encouraged to seek a way out of this Karmic debris.

We look up to the stars for answers, we read about spirituality, we go to nature to heal, we disconnect ourselves from the world, we pray, and we go into quiet contemplation to review where we have gone wrong.

And in this quiet retreat, when our ego is silenced, answers, revelations, breakthroughs, and insights come to us! We find enlightenment and Rebirth!

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Spiritual rebirth comes after a period of Karmic lessons
Spiritual Rebirth: 13 Signs Of Awakening After A Dark Night Of The Soul

Spiritual rebirth symptoms include:

  • We learn to listen to our intuition
  • We start downloading spiritual messages
  • Our faith in the Universe/Spirit/God is reaffirmed
  • We are no longer fearful or insecure
  • We can see there’s a big divine design where everything fits in fine
  • We know everything happens for a reason
  • We no longer feel the need to please others
  • We unlock our gift or soul purpose
  • We can derive lessons from every experience
  • We embrace a positive attitude
  • We find our authentic self
  • And through our newfound sense of self, we establish our connection with the divine
  • We become happier and start living our best life

Spiritual ascension can happen gradually or suddenly, and the signs of this transformation can vary from person to person. However, there are some clear indications that suggest you have made it to the other side!

13 Clear Signs of Spiritual Rebirth

Here are 13 signs of your awakening or spiritual ascension:

1. Increased Awareness

You will become more attuned to your surroundings and the people in your life. You will begin to notice the beauty in the world and become more sensitive to the needs of others.

2. Living In The Present

As a result, you will live fully in the present. You will stop rummaging through your memories, ruminating about the past, and beating yourself up for your decisions or mistakes. And you will stop anticipating or being anxious about the future.

3. Inner Peace

Why? Because you will be more secure now! As your spiritual connection deepens, you will experience a sense of inner peace and calmness. This newfound sense of tranquility can bring about a greater sense of happiness and contentment.

4. Heightened Intuition

Spiritual awakening will enhance your intuition or gut feeling. You will be able to identify people who are right for you and make choices that will be aligned with your highest good.

5. Self-Mastery

You will be able to distinguish between your ego and intuition and will stop acting on your fear or anxiety-based impulses.

You will have a better understanding of yourself and have a better handle on your impulse, emotions, reactions, and the way you show up to the world.

6. Sense of Purpose

You will feel a renewed sense of purpose and discover a new direction in your life. You may feel a calling to pursue a particular path or to make a significant change in your life.

7. Greater Compassion

As your spiritual awareness grows, you will become more empathetic and compassionate toward others.

You will realize that we all are connected and the energy you send out to others will return to you. As a result, you will develop a greater sense of connection to all living beings.

8. Gratitude

You will feel a deep sense of gratitude for the blessings in your life. You will become more appreciative of the small things and as stated earlier, have a greater sense of contentment; a feeling of happiness that comes from within.

9. Inner Strength

You will find greater inner strength and resilience. Adversities will not overwhelm you anymore. You will accept all ups and downs as divinely orchestrated events that were put on your path for a reason.

When an unfortunate incident takes place, you look at the silver lining; what this experience taught you.

You believe in the Universe’s fair judgment and will remain positive. This faith will make you better equipped to handle life’s challenges and setbacks.

10. Forgiveness

Spiritual rebirth can bring about a greater sense of forgiveness towards yourself and others. You may be more willing to let go of past hurts and resentments and move forward with greater peace.

11. Sense of Oneness

As mentioned earlier, you may experience a greater sense of oneness with the universe. You may feel a deeper connection to nature and find it easy to form a personal connection with the Divine.

12. Seeing Signs and Synchronicities

As a direct result, you will be able to tap into the spiritual messages that the Universe, your spirit guides, angels, ancestors, or other members of your soul family might be sending your way in the forms of repeating numbers, feathers, or other synchronicities.

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13. Downloads and Creative Inspiration 

You might also be able to channel or download messages from the spirit world or the Akashik Records through dreams, and divination practices like tarot reading, rune reading, or meditation.

You may also find that your creativity and inspiration are heightened. Creative ideas can come through dreams or during a trance. You may be more drawn to artistic pursuits or may find new ways to express yourself.

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Spirit Will Never Give Up On You!

If you are experiencing any of these signs, you are on the path to self-actualization or spiritual rebirth. However, you must remember one vital thing!

Awakening is just the beginning of your divine journey. Ascension is a spiral and nonlinear path and there will be many detours. There might be incidents that will make you relapse and fall into your old patterns, even after enlightenment.

But that’s okay! Learning and relearning are a part of the spiritual rebirth process. Whenever you stumble down on your way, be gentle with yourself, and treat yourself with love, compassion, and forgiveness. And believe that Spirit will never give up on you, ever!

Spiritual rebirth is just the beginning of your journey
Spiritual Rebirth: 13 Signs Of Awakening After A Dark Night Of The Soul

This will help you get back right on your path. Once you attain spiritual awakening, there will be no turning back! You will find your way back home!

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spiritual rebirth
Spiritual Rebirth: 13 Signs Of Awakening After A Dark Night Of The Soul

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