8 Subtle Signs A Man Is Carrying A Broken Heart

signs man carrying broken heart

5. He suffers from low self-worth.

Because he has had his heart broken in the past, it has made him believe that he is not good enough. He suffers from low self-esteem and low self-worth and constantly questions himself. He sees himself in a very sad and negative light and even asks why you have feelings for him in the first place.

If you find your man constantly belittling and questioning himself, and never seems to believe any of the nice things you have to say about him, know that his self-esteem has gone down the drain, because of what has happened in his past.

6. He constantly compares you with his ex.

Now, this sign is the last nail on the coffin. The moment he compares you to his ex, it’s clear that he still hasn’t moved on from them. Comparing your current partner with your ex-partner is unacceptable, to say the least, and this is one of those things which you should never tolerate.

A man who is genuinely interested in you, and wants to be with you will never compare you with their ex, even their mind. The moment you find him doing this, know that it’s time to close this chapter, and move on.

7. He blows hot and cold.

Sometimes, he is completely into you, and sometimes it seems like you don’t exist for him at all. Sometimes he openly communicates with you about his feelings, and sometimes he shuts you out entirely. This blow-hot, blow-cold attitude is a red flag, and shows that he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings, and might still be hung up on his ex.

When a man has moved on from his past relationships, and has no feelings for his ex-partner, he will never make you feel confused. But when you find him constantly struggling with his inner conflict, that’s a bad sign.

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8. He is too mysterious and closed-off.

When your man acts too mysterious, it means he has something to hide, most probably a broken heart. And whenever you try to know him a little bit deeper, he will try to stop you and block you in any way he can.

If the man you are dating is not giving you the opportunity and the respect to know him for who he truly is, then is he really worth the effort? Sure, a little bit of mystery doesn’t hurt, but if he keeps on blocking you, then maybe it’s time for you to give up and move on.

Before you give up your heart for someone, try to know whether they are ready to give you back the love you are giving them. Unless he makes peace with his past and mends his heart, he will keep on hurting you, knowingly or unknowingly. And why would you get your heart broken, just because couldn’t deal with his?

6 Signs A Man Is Carrying A Broken Heart
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8 Subtle Signs A Man Is Carrying A Broken Heart
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