Shifting Consciousness: The Solution To Crisis Is Us

Shifting Consciousness Solution Crisis Is Us

Consciousness and self-awareness

First, foremost and always, vow to love yourself through this time.  If you feel scared, resentful, worried or angry, feel your uncomfortable feelings gently and with an open heart, then do your best to step back from the thoughts giving rise to them.  Nudge yourself toward thoughts that are soothing, comforting or inspiring.

Suspend judgment of others as best you can. The energy of judgment is always confining and diminishing, regardless of the direction of its focus. It impedes the flow of our vital Life Force energy, as does blame, finger-pointing and fault-finding. Those reactions can only arise from a consciousness of separation, judgment and fear, which is the very consciousness we now have the opportunity to shift.

If you are relatively comfortable and feeling blessed by having the resources you require for your well-being, allow yourself to feel, fully, your profound appreciation. Do not let it morph into guilt with the observation that others may be struggling. This is not a zero-sum game.  We live in an infinite, and infinitely loving and abundant, universe. 

When you’re in a state of pure appreciation, and when your strong desire for everyone to thrive is not distorted by the worry that they might not, your vibrational contribution to human consciousness is enormous. The vibrations of appreciation and thriving make it easier for everyone to open to blessings. And when you’re in that state – as opposed to worrying about others or feeling guilty about your well-being – you’re inspired to take actions of sharing and generosity that are genuinely enlivening.

Choose wisely the sources from which you get information about what’s happening and what the current health and social guidelines are. Let your intention be to receive only the information necessary for you to receive. If you start feeling anxious or uneasy when reading or hearing something, pause, take several deep breaths, go into your heart and redirect your focus toward something loving or, at least, neutral.

Spend more time with your Self – your Expanded Self (or Inner Being, Spirit, Higher Self – whatever term has meaning for you). Give yourself the gift of deep inner reflection, walks in nature, meditation, prayer or whatever forms of Self-connection are best for you.  Open more fully to the wisdom within that is available to guide and support you, moment by moment.

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Think in terms of energy and vibration

– the higher your personal frequency, the healthier you can be, and the greater a contribution you’re making to the collective consciousness.  Everything is vibrational in nature, and energy has certain properties such as magnetism and resonance.  Through the dominant vibrations of your personal frequency, you draw into your experience that with which you resonate.  How you feel emotionally is the best indicator of your vibration, so consciously cultivate good feelings such as peacefulness, lightheartedness, hope, optimism, and fun!

Focus often on the incredible creativity which is being unleashed as open-hearted people across the globe are inventing new ways of staying connected, uplifting each other and having fun.  It’s profoundly inspiring. As you focus on it you vibrate with it, and as you vibrate with it you reinforce it in our collective consciousness. Creativity is the very essence of Life and is the source from which all positive solutions come.

We don’t have to be perfect at any of this, just willing and persistent. Lovingly persistent. Crisis situations provide the perfect opportunity to finely hone our ability to choose the direction of our focus, a choice we are granted through our free will. It is the most fundamental and powerful use of free will there is, because energy follows attention – and energy is the creative medium of our universe.

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Choose to focus

We can choose to focus on what we don’t want or we can choose to focus on what we do want. We can choose to focus on what we think others are doing wrong or we can choose to focus on the incredible kindness and creativity being demonstrated now. We can choose to focus on worst-case scenarios or we can choose to focus on the resilience of the human spirit.

We can choose to focus on the Love that we are or we can choose to focus on blame or fear. And when we truly grasp that Love is the ultimate Power – and the only one that can transmute fear and all of its cousins – the choice is obvious.

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I believe we can make the choice for Love, not just through our actions but in our thoughts, as challenging as it might feel at times. We ARE doing this. We are. We are literally shifting the consciousness of humanity, one person and one moment at a time, toward Love.

And we are doing beautifully.

I welcome your feedback! Please share your beautiful insights in the Comments section below. Thank you!

Written by: Suzanne Eder 

Originally appeared on: Suzanne Eder 
Republished with permission.

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Shifting Consciousness: The Solution To Crisis Is Us
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