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Shifting Consciousness: The Solution To Crisis Is Us

Shifting Consciousness Solution Crisis Is Us

At the heart of every crisis is the seed of its own resolution, one that expands our Self-awareness and opens us to new possibilities for greater Self-expression.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a blog post, and I admit to feeling a little rusty.  I wasn’t sure when I would resume blogging because I made a conscious choice to suspend these posts for a little while, starting in January with my all-consuming kitchen remodelling project and the work I wanted to do on my book. As I moved into that place of suspension, I felt a powerful call to go deeper, much deeper. I had a sense of wanting or requiring an extended period of profound inner reflection because I could sense something new that wanted to emerge, and I wanted to give it the time and space to do so.

So I decided to give myself a sabbatical, which I’m now on. I am basically suspending or curtailing my regular business activities and devoting as much time as I can to the deep inner journey which is calling me. I knew when I made the decision to give myself a sabbatical that the longing for it was genuine and necessary for me personally, but what I didn’t realize was how universal it was.

Many of us felt the call to go inward weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and I now understand that we are collectively serving the whole of humanity through our inward focus and connection.  As we anchor into our deepest experiences of communion with the Divine and open more fully to the qualities of peace, trust, joy, and the eternalness of Life which arise in that union, we are infusing the collective consciousness of humanity with those frequencies. And from that powerfully intelligent and loving level of consciousness can emerge the outcomes we desire for health, safety, and prosperity.

Right now many people are focused on what actions to take – and what actions not to take – in order to move through this time in as healthy, effective and thoughtful a way as possible. There is a beautiful spirit of honoring our fellow human travellers on this journey and wanting everyone to be safe. I love how earnestly we’re committed to following the guidelines we’re given by those who have the most knowledge and experience with situations like these.

And I particularly love how creatively so many people are responding to the new requirements, turning temporary restrictions into opportunities for greater connection, caring, inspiration and learning. Surely the best of human nature is being called forth into action, as it so often is during times of crisis.

Yet as valuable and absolutely essential as positive actions are, we have the opportunity to make a potent, life-altering contribution of a different kind: we can contribute to the shift in human consciousness from one that has been dominated by fear to one that is dominated by Love.

As I’m using the word, “consciousness” is the collective totality of our individual perspectives, worldviews, beliefs, thoughts, assumptions, conclusions, etc. – and the emotions associated with them – all of which are forms of nonphysical energy. Our consciousness, both individually and collectively, forms an invisible but very real energetic matrix that shapes or determines what is possible for us to experience in our lives.  A peaceful consciousness creates peaceful outcomes, just as a fearful consciousness creates fearful outcomes.

When we’re in fear or judgment, a common reaction is to jump into action. The action may result in immediate, positive change at the physical level, but the fear-based consciousness will continue to generate outcomes that are unwanted as we move forward. As we think, so we create.

And we’re thinking and creating all the time, which means that our reality isn’t fixed.   It isn’t happening to us, it’s happening through us. We are co-creating our lived experiences, moment by moment. We can exponentially increase the probability of a positive outcome to this crisis by being very intentional about the quality of our consciousness, which reflects the nature and direction of our thoughts.

Please understand, this isn’t about pasting over fearful thoughts with positive ones. 

It’s about reaching for the deeper truth of who we are and opening to the possibility that we are individuated expressions of the One all-powerful, all-knowing Source, which is Love. It’s about understanding that the creative medium of Source is energy. It’s about realizing that through our thoughts, which are energetically real, we can direct our creative power lovingly.

There’s No Coming To Consciousness
Shifting Consciousness: The Solution To Crisis Is Us

This is, of course, a vast topic that can hardly be explored in a single blog post. But my hope is that reading this might resonate with what you already believe, understand or simply know in your heart of hearts, and through that resonance it might be a source of support for you.

I’d like to offer a few thoughts about moving through this time, consciously and lovingly, from the perspective of being a powerfully creative vibrational being who wants to create a powerfully loving outcome. As with suggestions you might read from anyone or any source, please embrace what feels good to you and let the rest go.

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Suzanne Eder

Suzanne Eder is an award-winning writer, transformational teacher and personal mentor, helping people create lives they truly love through what she calls the Alchemy of Self Love. She has a unique talent for articulating teachings about how to create your own reality in a fresh way that helps people embrace and embody what they have only understood intellectually. Suzanne lives what she teaches and is, in the words of best-selling author Tama Kieves, “the real deal.” She was a featured speaker at the 2015 TEDxWilmington conference and her popular talk, The Dark Side of Self Improvement, is available on YouTube. Visit her at Author posts