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5 Reasons Parents Are Like Shamans

parent as shaman

Shamans are wounded healers who guide people that become lost while navigating through life and fulfill multiple functions, just like a parent. If you are a parent, then you must know about the shamanic approach for parents.

Parenting is one of the most rewarding roles we can have as human beings. As parents, our job is to raise, guide and protect our children, to heal them, and to prepare them to face the challenges of the world and experience the grandeur of the universe. And perhaps this is why, being a parent is often similar to being a shaman.

Parents are healers

Parenting is a serious responsibility. If you are a parent, you already know the challenges and joys that come with this journey. As parents, we always give our best to ensure that our children are raised in the best way possible in the most fitting environment. But most of all, our jobs as parents is to equip our children with the right life skills so that they can take up their role in society. 

5 Reasons Parents Are Like Shamans
5 Reasons Parents Are Like Shamans

But as life would have it, in the process of becoming a responsible adult, our children often become confused, lost, misguided, and misdirected that can lead to a lot of mental, physical, and emotional wounds. Wounds that no parent would ever want their children to experience. Yet, the reality is this is how life works. This is how children learn and grow and become adults.

Unfortunately or fortunately, as parents, it is our job to clean their wounds, help them heal, and guide them towards the right direction. Not by commanding, dominating, or manipulating their lives, but by understanding them and leading them. 

No one can deny the role of a parent as a healer and as a guide in their child’s life. And it is in this essence, a parent can be like a shaman.

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Parenting and shamanism

The term shaman refers to a healer, someone who knows about medicine. Through altered states of consciousness, they have realized that our material realm is a manifestation of the spiritual realm. They are trained in ways to interact with both worlds and gain certain abilities to heal people of their ailments.

Although a shaman is widely seen as a priest or a witch doctor, inherently, they are healers and their primary task is to bring happiness and love into the lives of people. And this is exactly what a parent is. Shamans gain knowledge from nature & spirits and heal illness in others at the soul level. Similarly, parents gain knowledge from their own life experiences and use that awareness to give their children what they never had. 

Individuals who were raised by toxic parents tend to become the most empathetic and compassionate parents themselves. They make sure the toxicity and parental abuse they were exposed to as children never reach their child. In a way, parents heal themselves by giving their children a healthy childhood. As parents, we need to realize that it is our duty and responsibility to care for our children.

To teach them crucial life skills, to teach them values, to nourish and nurture them, and to create a safe space for them where they can grow up to be the person they are. This is the shamanic approach for parents.

Mindful parents realize that we don’t own our children. They are not our property. They do not belong to us. Rather the universe has given us the responsibility to raise them as knowledgeable and responsible adults. And that’s what shamans do with people in their tribe. Shamans don’t take the high ground or show power over others. They simply guide the ones that need help to so that they can heal themselves.

Both parenting and shamanism can be seen as a sacred mission where we empower others to go on an adventure called life.

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shamanic approach for parents
5 Reasons Parents Are Like Shamans

5 Ways a parent can be like a shaman

Have you ever thought of a parent as a shaman? According to author and aspiring yogini Bhavika, a parent can be seen as a shaman as both guide people to seek their individual purpose in life. Here are a few ways parents and shamans are alike –

1. They create a safe space

In order to heal someone who is hurting, a shaman will first create a conducive environment where the healing process can take place. Shamanic rituals may involve various steps and stages involving induction, deepening, suggestion, enactment and visions. It can also involve chanting, rattling, drumming, miming and dancing. This entire process of creating the environment allows the shaman to help the other person connect with their inner self and heal their soul.

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