What Does It Mean To Be Family Oriented? 6 Signs You Are Close To Your Family


What Does It Mean To Be Family Oriented? Heartening Signs

What does it mean to be family oriented? It’s more than just sharing a surname or coming together for the holidays. Being family-oriented means cherishing the people who are there for you through thick and thin, even when life gets messy. Being family-oriented means appreciating the family you have been blessed with.

Not everyone is family oriented, but the people who are know how lucky they are. From having fun together to having each other’s backs, your family is your greatest strength and you can do anything to protect and cherish them.

Let’s explore the signs you are a family oriented person, and if you feel you are not, but want to be, we will discuss how to be more family oriented.

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What Does It Mean To Be Family Oriented? 6 Signs You Are Really Attached To Your Family

1. You know how to make your family feel important.

In today’s world, where families often live apart, it’s challenging to show your loved ones how much you cherish them. However, a few simple acts can make a big difference in expressing your affection.

How to be more family oriented? If you want to show your family just how important they are for you, then make sure you call them everyday, spend quality time, go out for dinners every two weeks, pamper them and always, always be there for them.

It’s always the little things that matter at the end of the day.

What does it mean to be family oriented

2. You give your kids your undivided attention.

One of the major signs you are a family oriented person, is this. It’s disheartening to see some kids vying for attention while their parents are glued to their screens. Unfortunately, many of us these days spend too much time on our devices.

Whether it’s work emails or social media videos ruling our attention, smartphones have become major distractions that eat away a lot of time from our families. However, if you are a family oriented person, you will always make sure that your kids have your undivided attention.

You never make them feel like they have to work very hard for you to notice them or spend time with them. Spending time with your kids is one of the highlights of your day. So when you are with them, you put your phone aside and engage wholeheartedly with them.

3. You always make time for your loved ones.

Juggling a job, responsibilities, and a social circle can easily overwhelm you. However, if you are a person who highly regards their family, you always make time for them. It might seem strange to schedule family time as if it were a meeting, but that’s simply because life is so busy and fast.

How to be more family oriented? Things can get busy in the blink of an eye, and it’s crucial not to forget about family ties. Make plans together, and make sure you follow through with those plans.

This not only strengthens your bond but also shows your loved ones the importance of being connected as a family.

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4. You are an attentive and active listener.

When someone from your family is talking to you, be it your spouse, kids or parents, giving them your undivided attention and making sure you listen to them is way of showing your love and respect towards them.

Being present in conversations means more than just hearing words, it involves active engagement and showing genuine interest in what is being said. When you listen mindfully, you are able to respond in the right way, which shows how much you care.

Through mindful listening, you bond with your family on a deeper level, and you also set a strong example for them to follow. Their words are important to you, so when they speak, they know you’re all ears.

You keep eye contact and show genuine interest in their stories. You get that sometimes it’s better just to listen rather than chime in.

5. You don’t shy away from showing them affection.

What does it mean to be family oriented? When you hesitate to show your love, care and affection openly towards your family, without any ego and shame. You are proud of your tenderness, and never miss an opportunity to show love towards your family.

Even if you are not very verbal with your feelings, you express your love through sweet actions. You might hug your spouse and kids the moment you come back home from work. You might take them out for a surprise dinner to their favorite restaurant. Or you may surprise them with gifts they wanted for a long time.

No matter how you express your affection, you always make sure to create a cozy and caring atmosphere at home.

What does it mean to be family oriented

6. You treasure the small moments even.

How to be more family oriented, you wonder? One of the biggest signs you are a family oriented person, is when you understand the value of even the small moments.

Yes, you may have attended all the major milestones like your children’s graduation, your wife winning an award at work and many such occasions. However, you haven’t forgotten the small moments; all the little moments that make life so beautiful and special is what you treasure the most.

Your family can always count on you to acknowledge the little wins, such as going to school alone for the first time, being able to tie your shoelaces by yourself or simply learning how to ride a bicycle.

Paying attention to life’s tiny triumphs fills your family with pride, a sense of security, trust and boosts their confidence. Plus, it shifts your attention to life’s upsides, cutting down on stress and worry about tough days at work.

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So, if you are looking for signs you are a family oriented person, and you relate to each and every one of the above points, then your family is lucky to have you. You are nothing short of a blessing for them, and vice versa.

Love your family, spend time with them, and make the most of the time you have together. You will cherish this for years to come!

signs you are a family oriented person

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