10 Signs You Have Hidden Healing Powers


Signs You Have Hidden Healing Powers

The art of healing and being a healer is a different experience for different people, and doctors, nurses, and medical professionals are not the only ones who have the power to heal. There are many people walking on this Earth that have the power of healing, and you may be one of them. Any person who feels this inherent need to heal others whenever they see someone in pain or hurting, they are a healer.

If you feel strongly drawn to doing good for the world, and you feel that one of the best ways to make the world a better place is by healing it, then there’s a very strong chance that you have hidden healing powers. Because not everyone feels this pull towards the art of healing; most people don’t even care when other people are hurting, but you do.

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Do you want to explore more about whether or not you have hidden healing powers? Then read on.

10 Signs That You Have Hidden Healing Powers

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1. You are a true-blue introvert.

One of the biggest signs that you are a healer and have hidden healing powers, is the fact that you are an introvert. Healers are actually multidimensional beings who have the power to travel through different realms, including the unseen and cosmic worlds. Doing this day in and day out can cause you to feel exhausted, and push you to withdraw into your own cocoon.

As an introvert, you need your solitude and alone time to recharge, reset and then go back into the world, to do what you were always meant to do. Your introversion and solitude help you heal, and if you don’t heal yourself properly, your work as a healer will always remain incomplete.

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2. You have a very sensitive heart.

You are a highly sensitive person who feels things others don’t feel, and even though sometimes this leads to a lot of pain and heartbreak for you, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Having a sensitive heart means things might seem too overwhelming at times, and you will feel mentally and emotionally drained whenever you are faced with a challenging situation.

But remember that having a sensitive heart does not have to be a bad thing. It takes a lot of courage to have a soft heart in today’s world, and it is because of your sensitive, beautiful heart that you are a healer, and have been blessed with healing powers.

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3. You feel at home in nature.

Healers have a strong connection with nature and animals; they have this unspoken bond with each other that just adds to their healing powers. When a healer thinks about healing others, it’s not just human beings they think of, for them, animals and plants matter too. Human lives are not the only lives they are meant to heal. You strongly care about the plight of nature and always try your best to ease their suffering.

When you are in nature, and amongst animals, you feel the happiest and most importantly, at peace. You have an unspoken language with them, which only you and Mother Nature understands. This is why whenever you see atrocities against nature and animals, it breaks your heart into pieces, and you constantly wonder what could you do to save them.

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4. You have vivid and striking dreams, almost every day.

Healers always have strange vivid and striking dreams unlike most people, and this happens because the unseen worlds communicate with them, only when they are sleeping. If you have been experiencing this for a very long time, then chances are otherworldly forces might be trying to tell you something, and you should analyze their messages properly.

You might find many answers in your dreams, which you could never find in real life. If you see animals or animal totems in your dreams, focus on them strongly, as they might be trying to send you some important message.

5. You always feel like you don’t belong in this world.

Since you were a little child, you always had this niggling feeling that you don’t belong to this world, and no matter what you do, you continue to feel like a misfit. You don’t think as the rest of the world does, and you were always addressed as someone who is a ‘bit different’. As a healer, you know very well what to do to make someone feel better, and heal them, but when it comes to fitting in with the rest of the world, you find it really tough.

Don’t beat yourself up too much just because you are different. Don’t think there is something wrong with you, just because you see life from a different perspective. You are unique, special, and important, and your healing powers are what make you, you. Never forget this.

6. You are a powerful empath.

As a healer, you have always been able to feel what others are feeling, haven’t you? If your answer is yes, then you are not just a healer, but also an empath, even though both of these go hand-in-hand. You can always feel and understand exactly what the other person is going through, and sometimes without knowing, you end up absorbing their emotions as your own. Sometimes, this makes it hard for you to differentiate between which emotions are yours, and which ones aren’t.

As an empath, you are extremely receptive to other people’s pain and always want to help them feel better. Your sensitivity towards other people’s struggles and pain is one of the reasons why you were born as a healer.

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7. You don’t believe in religion, but you are extremely spiritual.

Religion is not your cup of tea, nor do you believe in any religious practices. But you do believe in spirituality and acknowledge the importance of all the gifts it can give you. You were always very interested in things that not a lot of people understood or showed a lot of interest in. Exploring the different facets of spirituality, and spiritual practices intrigue you, and you have this strong desire of knowing everything there is about spirituality.

The concept of spirituality resonates with you, and your curiosity to unravel all its secrets keep on pushing you towards it. You firmly believe that spirituality is the right way to go when it comes to understanding oneself and the world.

8. You are exceptionally intuitive.

You know you have hidden healing powers when you are blessed with strong intuition, and sense things before they even happen. You have a very strong spirit and inner compass, and your gut instincts are almost always right. Being intuitive is an amazing quality to have, and the more you trust it, the better you will be able to navigate through life and all its struggles.

Always listen to your intuition, even when it’s clashing with your rationality and logic. Most of the time, intuition is right, so when something doesn’t seem right, don’t do it. When your intuition calls out to you, it’s actually your soul who is trying to reach you and communicate with you.

Want to know more about the signs of hidden healing powers? Check this video out below!

9. You have a painful and difficult past.

You have a painful and dark past, where you have gone through a lot of difficult and heartbreaking things. You might have survived something extremely dangerous, and you may have some deep-seated traumas that you still struggle with at times, like domestic violence, child abuse, accidents, physical/mental/emotional/psychological abuse, or a near-death experience.

However, instead of scaring you and pushing you to stay inside your shell, these significant events have helped you embark on your healing path. Even though your traumas are still painful for you, but you have never let them define you as a person, nor have you let them control you or change you into someone you are not. You use your experiences to be a stronger person and an indomitable healer.

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10. You are exceptionally creative.

Creativity is your middle name, and it is one of the most important things about being a person with healing powers. You always have this strong urge in you to express your feelings and emotions through your creativity, be it dancing, singing, painting, or writing. Expressing your emotions and thoughts through creative, and visual arts is something you do very well, and because you struggle sometimes with opening up in front of someone, this really helps you say what you want to.

Your creativity is amazing in itself, and one of the best things about you. Your art has the ability to blow people away, and no matter what happens, never give up on this, be it as a healer, or as a human being.

If you see all or most of these signs in yourself, then congratulations, you have hidden healing powers. Being a healer is a matter of great privilege and responsibility, and you have the power to change the world and make the lives of a lot of people better. Explore your healing powers more, and strive towards becoming a formidable healer!

16 Signs That You Have Hidden Healing Powers
16 Signs That You Have Hidden Healing Powers
Signs You Have Hidden Healing Powers pin
Signs You Have Hidden Healing pin

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