10 Signs You Have Hidden Healing Powers

Signs You Have Hidden Healing Powers

The art of healing and being a healer is a different experience for different people, and doctors, nurses, and medical professionals are not the only ones who have the power to heal. There are many people walking on this Earth that have the power of healing, and you may be one of them. Any person who feels this inherent need to heal others whenever they see someone in pain or hurting, they are a healer.

If you feel strongly drawn to doing good for the world, and you feel that one of the best ways to make the world a better place is by healing it, then there’s a very strong chance that you have hidden healing powers. Because not everyone feels this pull towards the art of healing; most people don’t even care when other people are hurting, but you do.

Do you want to explore more about whether or not you have hidden healing powers? Then read on.

10 Signs That You Have Hidden Healing Powers

Signs You Have Hidden Healing Powers info
10 Signs You Have Hidden Healing Powers

1. You are a true-blue introvert.

One of the biggest signs that you are a healer and have hidden healing powers, is the fact that you are an introvert. Healers are actually multidimensional beings who have the power to travel through different realms, including the unseen and cosmic worlds. Doing this day in and day out can cause you to feel exhausted, and push you to withdraw into your own cocoon.

As an introvert, you need your solitude and alone time to recharge, reset and then go back into the world, to do what you were always meant to do. Your introversion and solitude help you heal, and if you don’t heal yourself properly, your work as a healer will always remain incomplete.

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2. You have a very sensitive heart.

You are a highly sensitive person who feels things others don’t feel, and even though sometimes this leads to a lot of pain and heartbreak for you, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Having a sensitive heart means things might seem too overwhelming at times, and you will feel mentally and emotionally drained whenever you are faced with a challenging situation.

But remember that having a sensitive heart does not have to be a bad thing. It takes a lot of courage to have a soft heart in today’s world, and it is because of your sensitive, beautiful heart that you are a healer, and have been blessed with healing powers.

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10 Signs You Have Hidden Healing Powers

3. You feel at home in nature.

Healers have a strong connection with nature and animals; they have this unspoken bond with each other that just adds to their healing powers. When a healer thinks about healing others, it’s not just human beings they think of, for them, animals and plants matter too. Human lives are not the only lives they are meant to heal. You strongly care about the plight of nature and always try your best to ease their suffering.

When you are in nature, and amongst animals, you feel the happiest and most importantly, at peace. You have an unspoken language with them, which only you and Mother Nature understands. This is why whenever you see atrocities against nature and animals, it breaks your heart into pieces, and you constantly wonder what could you do to save them.

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4. You have vivid and striking dreams, almost every day.

Healers always have strange vivid and striking dreams unlike most people, and this happens because the unseen worlds communicate with them, only when they are sleeping. If you have been experiencing this for a very long time, then chances are otherworldly forces might be trying to tell you something, and you should analyze their messages properly.

You might find many answers in your dreams, which you could never find in real life. If you see animals or animal totems in your dreams, focus on them strongly, as they might be trying to send you some important message.

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  1. Avatar of Zeniah Ward

    I’m not boasting, or reveling, I have all of them. I do come from a long line of Hawaiian healers, I have been in denial for too long.

  2. Avatar of Dr. Joseph B. Kennedy, Sr.
    Dr. Joseph B. Kennedy, Sr.

    The Presence of The Holy Spirit often works on those never gifted. In Singapore, I spoke at a Methodist Youth Conference in 1952. As Nat. Chairman in USA. Sunday it was broadcast and I spoke on The Stranger of Galilee…the Road of Emmaus Experience. A week later, there was a couple at the Gate of Agape Villa, home of Eric and Grace Wee, a mansion where I was guest. The Servant brought a Father and Mother leading a blind daughter about 12. The moment I entered the room they began to say, ‘We heard you speak last Sunday and God told us to bring our daughter to you for healing.We sold our furniture to get the ticket here. I looked and led beyond my knowing, put my hand on her forehead with my thumbs each touch an eye. I prayed and when I opened my eyes, she opened her and began to cry and say, ‘I can See I can See!!!. The Mother took my right had on her knees and kissed it. I raised her up and after a hug said, “It is not my faith that healed your daughter, is it yours.” Both servants were not Christians but accepted Christ after they left. I am 92 now and close to going Home so speak only Absolute Truth. Dr. Joseph B Kennedy, Sr.

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