The Seven Types of People In The World: Which One Are You?

The Seven Types of People In The World: Which One Are You?

According to one of the most famous poems in the world, there are seven types of people who exist amongst us. Which one are you?

7 Types of People Experiment: Imagine the House is on Fire

Excerpt from The One Idea That Saves the World: A Call to Conscience and A Call to Action by Laurence Overmire.

The House is on Fire. The people in the house are Sleeping and in great danger

Seven of their neighbors will come along Each with an opportunity to save them

Person #1 Does not see the fire Consumed in his own thoughts He passes by in ignorant oblivion

Person #2 Sees the fire But, not wanting to get involved Walks on by

Person #3 Sees the fire But, shocked and terrified Is left immobilized in a state of panic

Person #4 Sees the fire And immediately takes action First, phoning the fire department Then, knocking on the door to Wake up the inhabitants

Person #5 Sees the fire And, daring what no one else would Enters the house to try to Save the inhabitants

Person #6 Sees the fire Surveys the scene And discovers an opportunity To promote his own interests and Make a buck (He’s the one handing out His business card to sell his stuff)

Person #7 Set the fire And lurks unnoticed Watching the destruction Not caring really About anything at all.

_ The house is Mother Earth.

Seven Types Of People
Seven Types Of People

7 types of people: Which person are you?

This poem encapsulates the central, overriding issue of our time: our world is on fire and on the verge of collapse; what are each of us willing to do about it? How do we galvanize people to do what is necessary and right?

Of course, very few of us are willing to risk our own lives to do good in this world, though we are eternally grateful to those who do. But let’s try, all of us, to do our best to be number 4’s. Let’s help to put out the fire.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems at this particular point in time is that there are too few people who are working hard to douse the flames. Most people are 1’s, 2’s or 3’s.

The 1’s are the people who don’t even see that the house is on fire.

They don’t really understand that there is a problem. They live in ignorance of the situation, consumed with the trials of everyday living. We must wake them up, educate them and ask them politely to help us put out the fire. After all, most of them are decent people. They are your friends and neighbors.

The 2’s are perhaps the most frustrating.

There are an awful lot of them out there. Most we would consider good people, but good people don’t always do the right thing. They know that the world is on fire, but they refuse to help in any way to put it out. They just don’t want to make the effort.

Are they lazy? Some perhaps. Apathetic? Yes, some are just too comfortable and want to live their lives in a self-centered kind of way without bothering about the larger community. Some are just too jaded and cynical, believing that there is nothing they can do that will make any difference. Their negative outlooks defeat them before they even make an attempt to rise to the challenge.

These are never the people we look up to. They are not the people who inspire, the people who win our respect. Throughout history, they have won plenty of shame, but no acclaim. These are the people to whom we must say, ultimately, “If you can’t lend a hand, please get out of the way.”

The 3’s are good people, too.

They understand the world is in trouble. They have some knowledge of what is happening. Some know too much, perhaps, and are paralyzed with fear, not knowing what to do. Some just don’t have the psychological or emotional fortitude to cope with the enormity of the issues, so they avoid thinking about them or dealing with them in any way. We must help them to overcome their fears and persuade them to join us, as much as they are able, to help save the world.

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